Hunting Cloudz

Are you chasing clouds? What about hunting cloudz? Hunting Cloudz nicotine salts will knock your socks off with a zesty, tangy, earth-shattering flavour range – all of which are available in 30mL bottles for your convenience. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Strawberry Earthshake, enjoy the freshness of Watermelon Cooler, or why not satiate your senses with Sour Blackberry, Blue Kiwi Crush, and Mandarin Harvest? There’s a flavour explosion headed your way, so check out the mouth-watering Hunting Cloudz range now.

What bottle sizes are available in the Hunting Cloudz range?

We stock conveniently-sized 30mL bottles in all flavours of the Cloudz range.

What flavours are available in the Hunting Cloudz range?

We’ve got something for all palates, including Blue Kiwi Crush, Mandarin Harvest, Strawberry Earthshake, Watermelon Cooler, and Sour Blackberry.