Which vape is right for me?

Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. But most never start because they don’t know which product to choose. Use this Quiz to find out if you need a Pod Kit, Starter Kit, or Advanced Kit.

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What's the difference?

Pod Kits

Pod kit

Pod Kits are a great option for people interested in vapes. Turn the device on to start vaping and purchase replacement pods when needed.

Starter Kits

Starter kit

Starter Kits have all the necessary parts; the coils, the tanks and a small battery. Better than a Pod Kit and more discrete than an Advanced Kit.

Advanced Kits

Advanced kit

Advanced Kits have larger batteries and are highly customisable. Control the wattage and even use external batteries for prolonged use.

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Vapouriser batteries vary in size (expressed in milliampere/hours or mAh) and power (expressed as an amp limit). A batteries life depends on how long it has been in use for, the resistance of your coil, the total charge it can hold, and the current it is discharging. Typically 1100mAhs will last a day with moderate to high use, however if you are using a sub-ohm battery the vape will require more power and will drain the battery quicker.

A Pod vape is a compact vape that uses disposable pods. Generally Pod vapes are small enough to hold between two fingers and are designed to be an “all in one unit” with the battery and pod fitting neatly together. This tends to make Pod vapes fairly durable as there are no external moving parts.

Most Pod vapes are budget friendly, which can be great for people struggling to make ends meet, or who tend to lose or break things.