Sadboy Tear Drops

Turn that frown upside down and stop being such a … Sadboy with our exciting Sadboy Tear Drops e-liquid range. If it’s not the exciting branding that grabs your attention, it will surely be the expansive range of flavours, such as Blue Jam Cookie, Custard Cookie, Mango Blood, and Shamrock Cookie. 

Our complete range of Sadboy Tear Drops e-liquids is available in 30mL bottles with nicotine levels of 28mg and 48mg. Ready to try something new? Don’t be a Sadboy; add Sadboy Tear Drops to your shopping cart today.

Which Sadboy Tear Drops flavours does Vapourium stock?

We stock some of the most popular Sadboy Tear Drops flavours, like Blue Jam Cookie, Shamrock Cookie, Mango Blood, and Custard Cookie.

What nicotine strengths are available in the Sadboy Tear Drops e-liquid range?

We like to cater to as many vapers as possible, which is why we offer 28mg and 48mg nicotine levels.