Bogan Brews

Call yourself a bogan? Prove it by treating your taste buds to a flavour sensation, courtesy of Bogan Brews from down under. Shock yourself silly with Bloody Ripper, an exciting sour combination of raspberry and pineapple. 

Or, why not sweeten the deal, pardon the pun, with The Duck’s Nuts – a remarkable cherry-filled doughnut flavour that combines sweetness and savoury like only a vaping master knows how. 

The Ridgy Didge is also ready to woo, with hints of chewy oatmeal cookie and lemony citrus icing. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What Bogan Brew e-liquid flavours does Vapourium offer?

We’ve got some pretty standout flavours from Bogan Brews, including Ridgy Didge, The Duck’s Nuts, and Bloody Ripper.

What e-liquid sizes are available in the Bogan Brews range?

We stock 30mL bottles of Bogan Brews e-liquid, which is more than enough for you to get your fix!