Vape Kits

Starter Kit, Advanced Kit or Pod Kit 

Starter Kit, Advanced Kit or Pod Kit we have all sorts of different kits to suit your needs. From big flavoursome vape clouds to high strength discrete pods, we have a device for you!

Not too sure what you are looking for? Contact our customer service team so we can tailor the right device for your needs. 


What vape kits does Vapourium stock?

We offer different options to suit different vapers. You can purchase starter, advanced, or pod kits.

What’s the difference between the different kits?

Some are designed for beginner vapers, while others are designed for advanced users. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, contact our friendly team!

What comes in a vape kit?

Each of our kits come with all the accessories you need to begin vaping, including add-on purchase options like batteries and wall chargers for some.