Imported Nicotine Salts

Exotic Nic Salt E-Liquids

A selected range of premium nicotine salt eliquids for every taste profile. 

Are imported nicotine salts safe?

Here at Vapourium, we’re proud to stock e-liquids of all varieties to suit our customers. Still, we never sacrifice on safety. We make sure we import only the highest-quality e-liquids on the market for your peace of mind.

What nicotine salt flavours does Vapourium offer?

We’ve got all types to suit all preferences! Tantalise your taste buds with fruity flavours, or go for something different with tobacco flavours, desserts, beverages, or sweet treats.

How many mLs are imported nicotine salts?

We offer 30mL and 60mL bottles of e-liquids in our imported nicotine salts range.