Dayle's Story 2018 #49

Dayle's Story 2018 #49

"I needed to stop smoking! I'm 53/4 and in 2016 I noticed more and more how I was coughing and spluttering. I was getting breathless going for walks - it wasn't good. Then in March 2016 my mum in the UK died of complications from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease - directly linked to smoking. I knew it was time to quit - but i've been smoking since I was 14 - that's 40 odd years - it's become a part of me.

I've tried zyban from the Doctor, and i've tried Champix three times - i've tried patches and gum and hypnosis - some with moderate success for a couple of months. Then bang - stressful situation and/or a few drinks and I was back on the smokes. So try vaping - you lot at vapourium were and still are amazingly helpful. I started with the pen vape kangertech - and 18mg beginning 2016. Rather than completely quit smokes I started to try and use the vape more than have a smoke... . Soon realised 18mg was too strong and switched to 12mg... Whilst vaping - and thus gradually reducing my purchases of tobacco - I saved the tobacco money. Once I had enough saved up from my smokes allowance - I purchased a melo 3 mini. Then I got to the stage where I had only 3-4 smokes worth of tobacco left - so I saved it for"emergencies".

Since then I have got to the point where I don't buy smokes anymore ( okay - i slipped up once in 2017 and did - but they were soon gone as I gave most of the pack away). I don't tell myself I won't smoke as due to my nature I know that that will make me want to rebel against myself! I had 4-6 smokes in all of 2017( originally smoked 2 30g packs in a fortnight and that was down form a 50g and 30g in 2013/14) - and mostly didn't smoke the whole thing as it was yucky. I've had none so far this year. I still get the same amount of allowance I did when smoking - but now I can do different things with the $. I started doing Cosplay and thanks to vaping saved enough to go to Armageddon in Auckland last October. I can buy all sorts of resources to make costumes as I have the money now - I rarely cough, don't get breathless and don't stink anymore.

Thank you Vapourium for being there to enable me to quit something i found very hard to do until now. It still takes some will power not to cave in during the process of adapting from ciggies to a vape- but vaping meets the need of the nicotine and the habit of 40 yrs. I had tried so many ways to quit - i would probably still be smoking without you. on top of that - i'm a Union Organiser and it makes me feel even more committed to only shop with Vapourium as you are an accredited Living wage employer, manufacture in a clean room and don't source palm oil. the fact that i don't tolerate pg very well also keeps me loyal to your max vg home produced Juices - love them .

I'm now living in Dunedin as we're in the process of shifting from Southland and recently visited your South City store - easy parking - unfamiliar but just as friendly and helpful staff. Good luck in submissions not to make vaping like smoking - it isn't and vapers trying to quit tobacco should not be made to stand with smokers - it's too hard! Long may you reign!"

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