Anonymous Story 2018 #75

Anonymous Story 2018 #75

"My husband and I have been smokers since our teens. I actually tried quitting several times throughout my life, at one point I had quit for 10 years; but never stopped craving cigarettes. I tried patches, gum, spray and cold turkey to kick the habit. Inevitably, I kept going back to cigarettes, because I really enjoyed it. I tried ecigs a few times to quit, but just wasn't satisfied and would go back to smoking. My husband started smoking as a teen and though he quit off and on, he just kept going back to cigarettes. Smoking was costing us around $600 a month for the two of us. Even though neither of us were ready to quit, we decided to give it a go after a trip to the US and finding out that vaping has really evolved. We thought we'd try it to help lower the cost of cigarettes and not smoke as much. So, we ordered vapes to give it another try. Wow! What a difference! We did need to try a few different devices until we found what works best for each of us. It was the best decision of our lives. We ended up deciding to stop buying cigarettes. I tried a cigarette about a month after starting to vape and did not even finish it. It was disgusting! My husband has had maybe 2 cigarettes in the past 10 months and didn't enjoy them at all. With so many flavours available, vaping has made it easy for us to kick the smoking habit. No more stinky clothes. Food and drink tastes so much better. And we've been able to save a lot of money! The best part is that our health has improved so much. No more coughing and hacking, no more bronchitis/pneumonia. Even my husband's asthma has improved so much that he doesn't need his inhaler at all. We're so happy to have started vaping. And being able to order online and have things delivered is fantastic. Thank you so much for making this process so easy and enjoyable!"

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