Anonymous Story 2018 #46

Anonymous Story 2018 #46

"I started smoking at 9 years old and apart from a 5 year break where I never stopped wanting one I started again worse than ever. 3 years ago I was told if you don't stop smoking you will be dead in a year. Well I wasn't going to stop for anyone or any reason and at the end of a year I was still alive and struggling with depression and anxiety and 2 failed suicide attempts. Frankly I didn't care. Then my wonderful man said he wanted to stop. To my shame I said then stop I'm NOT. We went to our local vape shop where he took about an hour to pick out what he wanted. I changed my mind and got one too, Declaring it won't work I'll be smoking again in 3 days. 9 months later we are both going strong love my vape. Feel so much better in everyway. Food and drink tastes sooo much better and I can walk down our very long driveway without feeling like I can't breathe. Long live vaping."

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