The Best is yet to Come

The Best is yet to Come

There was a time when vaping seemed far-off to me, like a nice alternative to smoking, but not something I had time or money for. I was working a minimum-wage, low-hour job, and I was pretty pessimistic about doing better for myself.


It was a feeling not too far removed from a lot of the other things in my life; I wanted a better job, I wanted to be healthier, I just wanted to feel better.


Surely enough, I’ve gotten better, and closer to that goal. I got a better job, got back on top of my mental state, and started making changes to the things that were wrong. The process has been wonderful, and I’ve found myself in a true place of growth. Really though, the best is always ahead of us, somewhere down the line. Our vaping journey is no different.


My first vape was pretty terrible. It made next to no vapour, felt terrible in my hands, and everything I vaped in it tasted the same. I bought it from a shop that only sold vapes as a sort of ‘on-the-side’ deal. It wasn’t really what they sold, and they didn’t know how to sell them, or how they really worked.


Understandably, I was pretty put out by vaping after that, and I didn’t think about it for a couple of weeks.


Fast forward through those weeks though, and I’m in town with one of my friends. He asks if I want to check out the ‘vape shop’ and I agree.


Onwards to Vapourium!


We arrived, and were quickly overwhelmed by all the shiny tubes and beefy boxes. Fortunately, a lovely Maia was able to help my friend and I choose a device each, and test some liquids before buying any.


Arriving home, I pull out my new, now-primed stick vape and take a toot. I was really surprised by the cool vapour, and the harsh throat hit from the E-juice I selected (not that I knew the e-liquid was the cause of the harshness).


Slightly put out, I decided to make my way back to the store the following day, and, upon arrival I set my vape on the counter and began to detail my experience. Very quickly, I am offered a lower strength juice, and I take it home, excited for a smoother hit.

Upon returning home this time, I find myself ecstatic as I vape and experience far less harshness, though I still think to myself ‘This is way better, but I feel like it could be better still’.


I go back the next day, and I finally settle on 3mg juice.


I’m finally happy with my starter setup.


It took some trial and error, but we got there in the end.


I understand this may sound discouraging to those of you just getting into vaping, but please, hear me out.


Things are different now. Things have gotten better. We’ve served so many customers that we have a good idea of what you’ll want if you like flavour ‘X’ or used to smoke ‘Y’ tobacco. Need to know what nicotine strength you’ll need after smoking 20 a day for 15 years? We’ve got you. When I started vaping, Vapourium had been open for a year. The knowledge that our team has accumulated in the time since is vast, and our staff are excellent at communicating it.


As the first brick and mortar vape store in New Zealand, we have come so far from where the company started; we know that someone just starting out probably doesn’t want a huge cloud chasing device; we know that the lovely lady who’s been smoking Port Royal Black for 20 years will likely want some 18mg juice in a tobacco flavour. We are always looking for the products and knowledge that will give you the best chance of success, and make sure our staff are equipped to deliver the relevant information on these products.


We know that everyone that walks into our store has different needs, and are at different points in their journey to ‘better’, and we know that quitting smoking is a life changing experience for everyone who accomplishes it. We want to be able to introduce you to your first vape that is really yours, the one you stick with and love to pieces. We want to help you find your first ‘All Day Vape’. We want you to wake up and start looking for your vape instead of your pouch. We want to help you get to your goal nicotine strength.


If things aren’t working for you, talk to us, we’ll help you work it out. The best is yet to come, and we want to help you get there.

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  • i love this story so much, i am so glad of you vapourium people for being so helpful.

    panelope piztaupe on

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