Mouth to Lung VS Direct to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung VS Direct to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung VS Direct to Lung Vaping

There are many different ways to customise your vaping experience, we know that if you're not satisfied with your vape your vaping journey is going to be that much more difficult. One of the most common differences between beginner and more intermediate vapes is the way draw on your device, whether Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung (DTL).

What does "Direct to Lung" mean?

DTL is the term used to describe inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs, rather than holding it in your mouth first. As if you were taking a deep breath of air.

What does "Mouth to Lung" mean?

MTL more resembles having a cigarette, when you draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.

How do I know which is right for me?

People who are just starting out are generally recommended to use a MTL device, this is because it more closely resembles a cigarette and with higher strength e-liquid, delivers a stronger throat hit which many people crave when they first make the switch.

Although this is not true for everyone, many people prefer DTL vaping using a lower strength e-liquid for bigger clouds or vapour and a more intense vaping experience.

Although MTL vapes are largely sold to people just starting out, they're not just for beginner vapers, with many experienced vapers choosing MTL believing that MTL vaping provides a better flavour experience. This could be because there is less airflow when vaping on a MTL device.


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    We are currently working on updating our site, and will put this on our agenda for future transformations.

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  • Just an idea, not a bitch.
    Why don’t you put a note next to your devices when advertising them, weather there suitable for MTL OR DTL, OR BOTH.I notice a lot of new tanks ect but nothing to say what type of vaping they are suitable for.

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