6 Ways to Become a Courteous Vaper

6 Ways to Become a Courteous Vaper

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Because vaping is relatively new, there are still several grey areas surrounding where you can use your vape products in New Zealand. Therefore, while there may not always be hard and fast rules for where you can and can’t vape, there is undoubtedly room for courteousness for those around you. Read on to learn how you can be a courteous vaper in a public setting. 

Ask Before You Vape Inside

Just as you wouldn’t light up a cigarette inside someone’s home before asking, you should always ask if vaping inside anywhere is okay. 

The Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 dictates that all indoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants, must be smoke-free. However, the term “smoke-free” only refers to cigarettes, not vaping. Any employer or business owner can decide to allow or disallow vaping in their establishment. 

Given that there’s no single blanket rule about where you can use your vape products in NZ, it always pays to ask. Read the room, study what others are doing, and be courteous to those around you. For example, an intimate dining restaurant may not be the perfect place to unleash your cloud-creating pod kit. 

Read the Room with Outdoor Settings

Both smoking and vaping are allowed in many outdoor spaces. With smoking, though, there are far more restrictions due to how harmful cigarettes are for your health and that of people around you

While vapers tend to have a bit more freedom, it doesn’t hurt to become a courteous vaper in response to a lack of clear, defined rules. For example, you would be wise not to produce colossal vape clouds at a children’s playground next to a baby in a pram. 

You may also “read the room” and know that vaping while striking up a conversation with a stranger in a public setting may be frowned upon, too. You might not be bound by as many laws as cigarettes, but choosing to vape discreetly and away from others in public can be a wise choice. 

Know When it’s Okay or Not Okay to Stealth Vape

Stealth vaping is the process of using your vape product discreetly to avoid detection or attention. Sometimes, people do it in places where they know vaping is not allowed. Other times, it’s out of respect for people who may not be comfortable seeing someone vaping in a public place. 

It’s crucial, as a vaper, to know when it’s okay or not okay to stealth vape. For example, it would be okay to sneak in a puff or two when you’re in a public setting that has no defined laws in place. 

On the other side of the coin, it’s not okay to head to the aeroplane bathroom when you know there’s a strict vape and smoke-free policy in place. 

Don’t Vape Around Children

It’s everyone’s duty to set an example for children – be it our own or others. When you’re leading by example, there are a few habits you’re best to have away from kids, rather than in front of them. Vaping can be one of them.

While you can choose the rules in your home around vaping with children present, it’s a good idea to apply a stricter approach when around children that aren’t yours. 

Remember, research into the effects of vaping is still new. While it’s far less harmful than cigarettes, it’s not 100 percent harmless. Therefore, choosing to vape away from children is the most courteous thing to do. 

Be Selective with Cloud Chasing

We love cloud chasing as much as the next vaper. There’s something quite exhilarating about blowing out a big cloud of smoke that smells like apple pie, strawberries, or other delicious food. But while vapers might appreciate a well-formed cloud, non-vapers may not. 

If you know your advanced vape kit is one that’s going to put on quite a show, then choose your public vape moments carefully. 

Wait until you’ve passed that large group on the street, or choose to vape in your car before entering the city. Alternatively, why not buy a second vape pen that’s a little more subtle for your public outings? 

Don’t Preach

Finally, be the best vaper you can be by not preaching your views about vaping onto others. While it’s true that research shows smoking is more harmful than vaping, some smokers will be more likely to discover vaping for themselves in their own time

Of course, show them what vape products you’ve purchased, and share your experience, but be patient with those who haven’t quite transitioned from smoking to vaping just yet. 

You’re Now a Courteous Vaper!

Vaping is becoming a popular option for anyone looking to quit smoking. It’s a cessation tool that can either replace smoking or help wean you off nicotine products altogether. 

However, as rules and regulations are not as restrictive with vapers, there’s room for people to act in a way that makes others uncomfortable. If you take note of these points, however, you can be the spitting image of what a courteous vaper looks like! Well done!  


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