Smoking Cessation Tools, Such as Vape Products with Vape Flavours, to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking Cessation Tools, Such as Vape Products with Vape Flavours, to Help You Quit Smoking

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We have known for a long time that cigarettes are terrible for our health. They can cause all manner of illnesses, such as cancer, lung disease, stroke, diabetes, and more. Therefore, the sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you can get your health on track. 

However, not everyone is aware of the smoking cessation tools available. Vapes products with unique vape flavours are, of course, one of the more popular options in recent years. They are cost-effective, not nearly as harmful as smoking, and provide a nicotine hit. However, alongside vape products in NZ, there are also other options like gums, sprays, and patches. 

Read on to learn what’s available and what may have you stamping out your cigarette smoking habit for good. 

Vape Products

The sensation of smoking is one of the hardest things about giving up smoking. That’s why vape products are such a popular option for people looking to stamp out the habit. While you are using a far safer product, you are also experiencing a similar sensation to smoking. 

What’s more, you can purchase E-liquids in various vape flavours that have no, some, or plenty of nicotine. You have full control over your quitting smoking process. You may like to start on a high nicotine level then work your way down to nothing. You might even see the value in choosing a pleasant vape nic flavour and making the switch from cigarettes immediately. 

Vape products can be discrete, affordable, and easy to use with a variety of vape flavours. For smokers, these benefits can be what draws you in for a closer look. 

Nicotine Patches

If you are yet to discover vape pens, pods, and other vape products, then you may have used nicotine patches to aid in the process of quitting smoking. Nicotine patches stick onto your skin and deliver nicotine into your body. The goal of these patches is to satisfy your body’s need for nicotine and decrease your desire for a cigarette. 

Nicotine Chewing Gum

The need to do something with your mouth or hands can be one reason why people lean on nicotine chewing gum to help quit smoking. When you have an urge to smoke, you can reach for a piece of gum that contains nicotine instead. The gum and patches both come in different strengths to suit how much nicotine you would traditionally have through cigarette smoking. 

Nicotine Nasal Sprays & Inhalers

Some of the less common cessation tools include nasal sprays and inhalers. These contain nicotine and can be a way in which to curb cravings when they come on particularly strong.

Prescription Medication

The reason why so many people are turning to vape products like vape pens and pods is because traditional cessation tools are not always the most effective for quitting smoking. However, if you’re not quite at that point, then you may like to see your GP about prescription medication. 

There are both nicotine and non-nicotine options available. However, sometimes, GPs will only prescribe these if you have tried at least two other cessation tools and failed to give up. 

Why People Prefer Vape Products to Traditional Smoking Cessation Tools

Of course, several people quit smoking by using patches, gum, inhalers, sprays, and medications. Still, there is a growing number who are seeing the value in vape products as a quit-smoking device. Let’s run through a few of the many benefits of vape products, and why they are a preferred option by many! 

Affordable to Buy

If you were a 20-a-day smoker, then your habit is costing you around $188 per week, or $147 if you smoke the roll-your-own variety. Over 12 months, that’s close to $10,000 spent on cigarettes. 

However, the cost of vaping is a mere fraction of that. On average, vaping will cost you $15 per week, if that, if you were previously a 20-a-day smoker. While there is a setup cost for vape products, a $788 yearly cost is far more manageable than $9,819 on cigarettes. 

Plenty of Options

Vape products are entirely customisable to suit your preferences. You can stick with a starter kit with a vape pen, or you can try pods and advanced kits. Most vape store workers will recommend an entry-level setup, which you can then upgrade at your leisure if you want to try something else. 

While there is a massive variety of vape products in NZ, the e-liquid variety is also extensive. You can stick with traditional flavours that bring you as close to tobacco as possible. Alternatively, you can try new flavours that can be minty, sweet, and sour, just to name a few. 

Better for You

Smoking causes a whole host of health problems. Therefore, the sooner you give up smoking, the healthier you can be. While vaping research is still in its infancy, there is at least enough evidence so far to say that it’s less harmful than smoking. 

Are You Ready to be a Quitter?

We’re always taught not to be quitters, but if you’re a smoker, that’s exactly what you want to be. If cold turkey is not an option you think you can manage, then why not explore the many smoking cessation tools available? You may be surprised at how vaping with different vape flavours can tick all the boxes for your needs.


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