Guide to Starter Kits

If you have just purchased your first vape or even if you are years into your vaping journey, you can never have enough information. 

Here we have a variety of tips and tricks to make your vaping experience as smooth as possible, including this handy Vape Glossary to help you understand what we're talking about.

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Turning your Vape on/off

Most devices are turned on/off by pressing the fire button rapidly 3 or 5 times. It is a good idea to turn your vape off if you are putting it in your bag or pocket as you do not want it firing accidentally when you are not using it. If it does fire in your pocket it can burn out your coil.

Nimbus exploded


Priming New Coils

When using a new coil you need to "prime" it. To prime a coil, put a few drops of e-liquid down the centre hole of the coil (1 drop with smaller coils e.g. Innokin Zenith Coils or Aspire BVC coils or 3-4 drops with larger coils e.g. Nimbus coils or GT coils). This will help the e-liquid soak through the cotton faster. Fill your tank and wait for 10-15 minutes to make sure the cotton in the coil is fully soaked through before pressing the fire button.

Replacing Coils

Replaceable coils in tanks are disposable. They should last anywhere from approximately one week to around a month depending on how you've used them. With less frequent use or use at a lower wattage you may get even longer coil life. To extend the life span of your coil, ensure you don't let the tank go dry and stick to the wattage range recommended by the manufacturer. With most coils you can find the recommended wattage on the side of the coil itself, or on our website. You will know when to change your coil when it starts to taste burnt. The burnt taste is subjective, and will generally become harsh and unpalatable after time.



Most tanks are filled by unscrewing the top of the tank, but older styles of tanks may be filled from the bottom and will need to be inverted before you take the tank apart. Unscrew the tank and fill the reservoir (between the glass and the coil, or airflow shaft) with e-liquid. Be careful not to flood the coil with e-liquid when filling, this will make your vape spit and crackle.

Let your device sit vertically for 10-15 minutes to allow the e-liquid to fully soak the cotton before use for best results.

Charging your Internal Battery

Charge your starter kit with the micro USB cable provided. You can Plug your USB cable into anything that will accept it, any Computer, TV, Game Console or Wall Charger is perfect. Fast charging/ quick charging ports are fine, but avoid using chargers that have a fixed USB cable that cant be removed (Most phone chargers) as these can cause permanent problems with your battery. To keep your battery healthy, we would also recommend avoiding charging your battery for long periods of time after it has fully charged. NEVER leave a charging vape unattended.

good chargersDont use chargers


Every vape has a high powered battery inside it, and if your vape is getting unusually hot while charging or while in use, that could be an indicator that something is not right with your vape. All vapes will get warm while charging or during use, but it shouldn't be uncomfortable to touch. If you are concerned about your vape getting hot while in use or while on charge, don't hesitate to give us a call so we can have a look at it for you.

Choosing the right coil

Some starter kits have a variety of different coils to choose from and can include these different types in your box. Coils come in a variety of resistances and types which create different levels of vapour and flavour. Generally the lower the resistance the more vapour it will produce (a coil of 0.15ohm resistance generally produces more vapour than a 0.40ohm coil). If you are looking to emulate a cigarette (Mouth To Lung), we would recommend using coils of at least 0.8ohm.  If you need help picking a coil, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Turn your Vape on, begin inhaling and press the fire button to produce vapour. If there is a gurgling or spitting sound there may be too much e-liquid around the coil. Excess e-liquid will be vapourised once you begin using it, but there may be a small amount of spitting e-liquid until the excess is vapourised.

If your vape continues to spit, blow the excess e-liquid through your vapouriser via your mouthpiece.

If your vape continues to spit place the coil aside and rinse the tank out with warm water, then give it a good dry and reassemble.  

Most leaking or spitting issues are caused by a loose coil, so make sure your coil is screwed or pressed firmly into place before putting your tank back together.