Guide to Pods


If you have just purchased your first vape or even if you are years into your vaping journey, you can never have enough information. 

Here we have a variety of tips and tricks to make your vaping experience as smooth as possible, including this handy Vape Glossary to help you understand what we're talking about.

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Remember, there are no silly questions!

Turning Your Pod On/Off

Most pod devices that vape automatically, without a button do not need to be turned off as they automatically turn themselves of when not in use. If you have a vape with a button on it, you will need to press it rapidly 3-5 times and the device will turn on.  


Filling Replacement Pods

Most replacement pods have a silicone stopper in the base of the pod, remove the stopper and fill the pod completely with eliquid. There are some Pods (I.E. Renova Zero) Which have a valve on the base, simply press your e-liquid bottle into the valve and fill your pod.

You cannot fill a pod by pouring eliquid into the mouthpiece, this will result in spitting and may cause the pod to stop working.

Make sure you leave the pod for 5-10min after filling to ensure that the cotton is properly saturated before use.

Internal Battery

If your device has a built in battery, you can charge your device with the micro USB cable provided. You can plug your USB cable into anything that will accept it. A Computer, TV, Game Console or Wall Charger is perfect. Fast charging/ quick charging ports are fine, but avoid using chargers that have a fixed USB cable that cant be removed (Most phone chargers) as these can cause permanent problems with your battery. To keep your battery healthy, we would also recommend avoiding charging your battery for long periods of time after it has fully charged. NEVER leave a charging vape unattended.  

Charging OKCharging Not OK


Pods work by holding a button down as you vape, or automatically using an inhale sensor.

If your pod uses a button to vape, turn your pod on and hold the button down as you inhale

If your pod does not use a button to vape, simply inhale on the pod and the vapour will follow.

If your pod is spitting or leaking, ensure you have filled it as above and have put the silicone plug back in place.

If your pod is difficult to draw through, remove your replacement pod and try blowing through it. This can expel excess e-liquid.