Little Beast

Are you ready to ‘wow’ your senses? It’s time to try the Lemonade Stand range of e-liquids from Little Beast. Little Beast is a highly-regarded e-liquid brand with over two decades of industry experience. Wanting to create something truly spectacular, they put their heads together and came up with The Lemonade Stand, a nod to nostalgia. 

Whether you want to stick with the classics and enjoy a lemony hit with Old Boy Traditional Lemonade or try something unique like Blackberry Orange Lemonade, Little Beast has something for everyone.

What Little Beast e-liquids does Vapourium stock?

In our Lemonade Stand range, we’re proud to offer Old Boy Traditional Lemonade, Blackberry Orange Lemonade, and Boysenberry Lemonade.

What nicotine strengths are available in the Little Beasts range?

Nicotine strengths vary from product to product, but you can typically expect 3mg and 6mg options to suit your needs.