Fat Shibe x Lex

If you’ve been looking for a superior cherry e-liquid without any sickly sweetness, over-Americanisation, or hints of cough mixture flavouring, you’re in the right place. We’re proud to present Cherry Bomb from Fat Shibe x Lex, and it promises not to disappoint. 

This bottle of brilliance is available as 60mL freebase e-liquid and 30mL nicotine salts, ensuring all vapers get the chance to try it in all its glory. And as soon as you take that first puff, it’s like a flavour sensation, with ambrosia apples, blackcurrants, and red cherries all smashed together in one wonderful juice.

Can you buy nicotine salts and freebase nicotine in the Fat Shibe X Lex range?

Yes, we stock 30mL bottles of nicotine salts and 60mL bottles of freebase nicotine.

What flavours are available in the Fat Shibe X Lex range?

We’re proud to offer Cherry Bomb, a standout flavour that fixes some of the most common problems associated with other cherry flavours. Not only is there a delicious hint of cherry flavouring, but you can also enjoy touches of blackcurrant and ambrosia apples – a true recipe for success.