California Grown

We all know that California is famous for its delicious fresh fruit, but what about delicious fresh fruit e liquids? We’ve managed to get our hands on an exciting range of deliciously fruity e-liquids from California Grown, and we can’t wait for you to try them. 

It’s going to be like vaping a tin of fruit salad when you try Grizzly Apple, and Wavy Watermelon will surely have you believe it’s summer. With each vape, you can be imagining yourself sitting on a deck chair at the beach being hand-fed fresh fruit.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

What e-liquid sizes are available in the California Grown range?

We stock 30mL and 60mL bottles to suit all vapers’ needs!

What California Grown flavours does Vapourium stock?

While our flavours are changing all the time, we stock Wavy Watermelon, Grizzly Apple, and Grizzly Apple Cool in this range.