Every time you fill up your vape tank with Burst e-liquid, you’re bound to experience a ‘burst’ of flavour. And that’s just the way we like it! 

The Burst range at Vapourium incorporates zingy flavours that pack a punch, such as Burst Duo Guava Dragonfruit, Burst Citrus, and Burst Melon. 

The nicotine-free Duo Guava Dragonfruit gives other thirst-quenching flavours a run for their money, courtesy of its fruity, zesty undertones. If you’re looking for that ‘get up and go’ e-liquid, Burst Citrus ticks all boxes with its combination of lemon and lime. This e-liquid is also nicotine-free. 

However, if you’re a nicotine salts fan, Burst Salt Melon is bound to be your go-to, with 45mg to satisfy that nicotine craving while letting you experience sweetness while you get your thirst quenched. 

Burst into your wallet to secure this range because these flavours are not to be missed.

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