What do you do with old batteries?

What do you do with old batteries?

All vapes contain or use batteries, and if your vape stops working or breaks you will need to dispose of it. 

Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are now a common occurrence today, they power electric vehicles, smartphones, laptops and even your vape. As we depend more on this technology, we need to consider the environmental impact of these batteries. 

Lithium-Ion batteries contain a bunch of chemicals which can be harmful to the environment, and although they are far less harmful to the environment than cadmium or lead-acid batteries you need to take care when disposing of them. 

Batteries DO NOT belong in your usual household waste bins, if the battery holds a charge and is punctured, this can cause a fire in the collection truck or recycling plant. If they end up in the landfill, they will leak harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater. 

These batteries also contain some rare elements like Cobalt, Lithium and Nickel. Due to high demand and their obscurity, things like this should be carefully considered when disposing of them. 

So what do you do if you have an old vape or old batteries you need to get rid of? 

See this handy chart below for a drop off point near you, or drop off any unwanted vapes or batteries at one of our retail stores next time you visit! 



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