What's it like to work at Vapourium?

What's it like to work at Vapourium?

Through My Eyes

Hi again, my name is Nathan and am the store manager at Vapourium Timaru, I recently touched on how I started vaping and what it meant for me, now I want to share some of what it means for me now.

A year into being smoke-free and I found myself being “the vape guy” for all my friends and whanau, helping them with getting their first vape and troubleshooting any issues they may have encountered along the way.

There was a hugely rewarding feeling of pride and joy seeing the people you care about, improve their quality of life both financially and health wise, and them being so passionate and grateful to have “finally kicked the durries”, it was then that I decided that this is what I wanted to do as a career.

On a daily basis I help people of all walks of life quit cigarettes, from the truckie chugging a pack a day, to the “social smoker’ that just wants to ditch those “Saturday night tallies’.

Working at Vapourium I have found myself surrounded by colleagues that have the same passion and drive to help people as I have, no matter what help you are seeking,you shall receive it, from popping in for a top up of your favourite E-Liquid,to advice/guidance on how to start vaping to quit smoking.

Everyone has different needs and requirements from their  vaporizer, so with that, a wide range of questions and queries get asked,my job with that is to give the most informative, unbiased and practical advice possible,doing so I have formed many  relationships with some amazing people in the community.

I am proud to work at Vapourium and all the people that we work with in the community.

My question to you is what is your favourite thing about Vapourium??


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