Updates on the Australian Vaping Industry Changes

As you may or may not know, the Australian government has done an about face on the recent and rushed nicotine based vape import rulings. We thought you might have some questions regarding this:

Where are we now with the laws?
The government restrictions to import nicotine-containing vape products that were due to kick in on July 1st 2020 has been delayed, all thanks to you!

These restrictions will go ahead from January 1st 2021 and the law will require distribution of nicotine via a pharmacy.

Currently, many of the importation problems arise because nicotine is classified as a poison. Whilst it can still be purchased for therapeutic use, the amount that can be bought is a grey area, as it's defined as a '3 month supply'.

We hope that when future laws are created vaping isn't still viewed as alternative medicine, and nicotine isn't scheduled as a poison.

Why would the law change?
It is important to understand that many of the problems in Australia (in regard to nicotine) are linked to the DIY nature of the vape industry. Given that only nicotine-free e-liquid is available on home soil and people rely on having concentrated nicotine on hand to dose themselves, as opposed to the rest of the world who buy consumer-ready nicotine.

At Vapourium we are obsessed with the quality of product we produce locally here in New Zealand. We are totally focused on harm reduction and providing affordable alternatives to the harmful addiction of smoking.

Are the New Zealand made e-liquids really that good?
Vapourium's Premium Nicotine Salt range. We certainly think they are the bees-knees! We have a range of no-nonsense, true to the description range of e-liquids featuring salt variants on some of our most popular core range e-liquids, and a few newcomers to mix it up. With something for everyone, these premium quality nicotine salt e-liquids are amongst the best in the world!


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