Keep clean, maintain social distancing, look after our vulnerable, and be kind to each other. 


Your health is our main concern right now, if you have any questions regarding our policy please contact our Customer Care Team at

If you have placed an order online, and have received an email stating that your order is on its way, please contact CourierPost on 0800 COURIER for any enquiries relating to delivery.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam/trash/junk or any other folder in your email. 

Delivery times are subject to change, and out of our control at the moment due to lockdown.

    Changes to Expect Online 

    • Our Couriers may be busier than usual. Increased volume in online orders can cause delays with your parcel. 
    • We cant control how long delivery takes after it has left us. If you have a confirmation email in your inbox, your order has left us and is with the courier.
    • We are offering free standard New Zealand Shipping During Level 4.

    At Level 3 all Vapourium retail stores are open for business as of Wednesday 1st September

    To ensure the safety of our staff and customers we are not able to have customers physically in our stores, so we will grab what you need and bring it to the door for you.

    •  Please make sure that you abide by the 2m rule if there are queues, and only send one member per household to do the shopping to minimize any risks. Take your phone with you so you can use the Covid Tracing App.
    • We will not be accepting cash payments, and will only be accepting paywave transactions.
    • Hours may vary from our regular hours so please check our google listing before making a trip into town or give us a call on +64 3 974 8136.
    •  If you feel sick, or want to be extra safe through level 3 please stay home and enjoy free shipping from our website ( no minimum order spend ) until Auckland is back in level 3!
    • To make sure our stores have what you need before you make the trip in, give your store a call and check your item is in stock from Monday onward...
    •  If you would like to chat to us about anything related to our non-contact service, feel free to call our customer service line on +64 3 974 8136 or email us at
    •  As always, our website is still open and delivering with free shipping throughout level 3 lock-down.
    •  Returns in circumstances will be unable to be accepted due to possible contamination risks. Contact us at for help if you need help with a return. We still honour our returns but currently we can only do our best under lockdown restrictions.

      Our staff are following our updated Health and Safety policies.

      These Health and Safety policies include; exiting and entering workspace and home procedures, PPE including gloves, masks and coveralls, regular and scheduled cleaning and sanitisation of the workspace and themselves, staggered shifts, sanitisation of all incoming goods, sanitisation of all outgoing goods.

      We have been established as an essential service so we can continue to supply our Wholesale Customers around New Zealand. With this we will also be able to continue online orders.