What to Do with Your Old, Spare, and Unwanted Vape Products

What to Do with Your Old, Spare, and Unwanted Vape Products

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Pods, pens, and vape accessories in NZ haven’t been around forever. The first document relating to an electronic cigarette was filed in 1927, but it took until the 2010s for it to really take hold. But even though we haven’t seen or used vape products for long, we still seem to accumulate an awful lot of them! 

You can store much of what you own in storage containers, but what about those obsolete accessories for long-ago lost and broken vape pens, or even parts for your once-favourite pod vape in NZ? They end up in those junk drawers that everyone seems to have, and you continue to buy new products and e-juices like nicotine salts while the rest of your possessions gather dust. 

Whether you have old, spare, broken, or unwanted vape products, use this opportunity to address the elephant in the room. It’s time for a clear-out and a new beginning. Let’s go Marie Kondo on your old vape accessories and products in NZ. 

Batteries and Mods

When new vape accessories hit the market in NZ, many of us are like kids in a candy store. We want the latest and greatest, and our old mods and batteries are thrown into a drawer to be forgotten about. You have a few options regarding what you do with these. If they are broken or damaged, then there’s no need to hold onto them. 

However, before you throw them in the rubbish bin, spare a thought for the environment. Soil, water, and air pollution are all associated with irresponsible battery disposal. Take your battery to your nearest recycling centre. Many have a dedicated area for batteries so that they can be stripped down for parts and reused. 

If there is nothing wrong with your battery and mod, then why not use it as a spare? Keep your good one for everyday use, but take your old one with you if you are going into the great outdoors and require an extra, or if you don’t think your everyday one has enough charge to last you the full day. It never hurts to have two.

Alternatively, have a chat with your smoker buddies who may not have seen the benefits of vaping as a cessation tool. Instead of it costing them money to make the switch, you can offer them a head start with your spare, unused vape accessories in NZ. If they don’t want what you have to offer, then try and sell it or give it away to someone else. 


Buying e-juice online is convenient for many people. You can stay in the comfort of your home and buy all your vape accessories in NZ online. But sometimes, you throw caution to the wind and buy a flavour you’ve never tried before. That doesn’t always pay off, and you end up with a few barely-used bottles that you can’t stomach. 

Whether you have a pod vape in NZ with fresh flavours, or bottles of e-liquid with various strength ratings, it’s best to dispose of them. 

E-juice sitting around can be a health hazard. You don’t want your pets or children getting their hands or paws on something that could be potentially dangerous to drink. Turn on your hot water tap and pour e-liquid down the sink. The hot water helps to break the nicotine down. 

Vape liquid bottles from reputable suppliers like Vapourium are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) – one of the most highly recyclable plastics in the world. Therefore, once you’ve poured your e-liquid down the sink, you can remove the labels from the bottles and pop them into your recycling bin.  

Alternatively, see if you can think of any of your vaping friends who may use or like the flavour that you don’t. You may be able to organise a swap so that you both get something out of the transaction. 


Spare tanks can be quite convenient to have around the house if your one breaks. If you plan on storing one away, remove the coil and cotton and give it a clean. Doing so while your nicotine salts or other e-liquids are fresh can make the job a lot easier. If your tank is broken, then why are you storing it? Save the drip tip but throw the tank in the rubbish bin. 

Spare Parts

Drip tips, tank protection rings, glass, and coils can end up in nooks and crannies throughout your home. Often, when you buy new vape accessories in NZ, you get extras in case you need to replace parts or swap them out. You then upgrade your vape pen or pod vape in NZ and end up with pieces that no longer fit. 

The rubber rings and drip tips will always come in handy, but incompatible glass and coils probably won’t. If the boxes are unopened, see if your local vape store will take a return. Otherwise, try to sell them online for less than the retail price. If your vape pen breaking is the only reason you no longer need them, then why not rebuy the same model? You can then avoid wastage. 

Do the Above, or Not, But Do Something

There are plenty of things you can do with old, spare, and unwanted vape products. Whether you’re getting ready for a spring clean, or you need to declutter your home for a sense of order, start with your vape products. Streamline or organize your collection and enjoy a far more ordered set of vape accessories in NZ.


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