Vaping Regulations: What do they mean for you?

Vaping Regulations: What do they mean for you?

It’s happening. New Zealand’s government has brought forward its proposal to regulate the vaping industry in New Zealand. Over the next few months, we will see the due process to bring this bill into parliament and set the new regulations that will govern our industry for the foreseeable future. 

But what does this mean for you, the vapers of New Zealand? How will the upcoming regulations affect your access to vaping products? And what will happen to our industry?

If the Smoke-free Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill goes through with no objections, this is how you will be affected:

  • Vaping retailers would be split into two groups, Generic Retailers and Specialist Vape Retailers. Specialist Vape Retailers will be confirmed based on a number of criteria, including 85% of sales contributed to vaping products.

  • Maximum levels of nicotine in e-liquids. To be publically consulted on before finalising.

  • All vaping product sales will be restricted to people of 18 years or older. All reasonable efforts must be made to prevent those under the age of 18 from entering Specialist Vape Retailers.

  • Online sales will continue, but courier companies have implemented policies requiring valid photo ID to be presented upon delivery.

  • Specific ingredients or products may be prohibited and listed on the Ministry of Health website.

  • Flavoured e-liquids such as fruit, cream or dessert flavours will be restricted to Specialist Vape Retailers. Generic Retailers will be restricted to only selling menthol, mint, and tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

  • All advertising, promotion, and sponsorship to do with vaping products, including e-liquids and accessories. Public health campaigns approved by the Director-General of health are excluded.

  • Specialist Vape Retailers may still provide advice, recommendations, and demonstrations to customers, while Generic Retailers must limit their information, in response to a request, to identifying vaping products and indicating their price.

  • Specialist Vape Retailers may provide giveaways, discount products and run loyalty programs for vaping products. Generic Retailers are prohibited from doing so.

  • Packaging requirements will be set in the regulations after public consultation. The proposal is to mimic the UK model.

  • All designated Smoke-Free areas will also be vape free, such as businesses, schools, and signposted areas nation-wide. Vaping will be allowed in Specialist Vape Retailers to assist in quitting smoking.

  • The Ministry of Health will be able to issue warnings, suspensions and recalls for all vaping products, including e-liquids and hardware. 


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