Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Vape Tank

Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Vape Tank

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Like anything you buy from new, vape tanks have a lifespan. While they may not completely fail, they can certainly show signs of age that ultimately impact your vaping experience. Therefore, if you’ve never replaced your vape tank, or it has been at least two years since you have, it might be time to consider doing so. 

There’s a wide variety of vape tanks for sale online, many of which are bound to suit your vape product. However, before you get out your wallet, why not learn more about the common signs of a failing vape tank? 

Your Cloud Production is Lacking

The last time you visited your local vape store or made a purchase online, you probably did a lot of research to make sure you had the winning recipe for cloud production. You may have been careful with your e-liquid of choice and each hardware component to make sure you could produce the biggest vape clouds out of all your friends. 

Have you noticed in recent months that, even with the same setup and e-liquid, you’re just not seeing the same results? That could be because your vape tank is no longer in its best working condition. 

All parts of a vape tank need to be in excellent condition for your coils to function correctly. Remember, your coil interacts with your e-liquid and your vape product’s battery. When something goes awry, it’s noticeable in how much vapour you exhale. 

Your E-Liquid Flavour Has Changed

Many vapers love trying new flavour combinations. It’s only natural to sample as many e-liquid flavours as possible before deciding on the winner. You get to know the flavour quite well, so you definitely notice when it changes. 

It might taste weaker than it used to, or it might even taste burnt – as if the coil has burnt. Essentially, you’ve noticed that you’re not as impressed with your vape flavour as you used to be. 

Surprisingly, this, too, can have everything to do with your vape tank. When it’s no longer functioning at its best, your e-liquid cannot work harmoniously with your coil and tank to provide the same flavour you know and love. You know what that means, right? It’s time to get a new vape tank. 

Your E-Liquid Appears Darker Than Normal

The higher the nicotine strength in freebase e-liquids, often the darker the e-liquid. Though, after a while, you come to know what your e-liquid’s ”normal” is. If you’ve noticed in recent months that your e-liquid appears darker than it should be, your tank is potentially reaching the end of its lifespan. 

Typically, when your e-liquid has been stored appropriately, and you’ve otherwise covered all care requirements, the coil is overheating the liquid in your tank. This would happen each time you press the firing button. 

Alongside darkened e-liquid, you may also notice that your e-liquid has some bubbles in it or makes some strange noises. 

The Tank is Leaky

There are few things as frustrating as pulling your vape out of your pocket, only to find it’s covered in greasy, sticky e-liquid. It’s in your pocket, it’s all over the vape, and now, it’s all over your hands. If everything is as tight as it can be, and it still leaks, it’s game over. 

Leaky vape tanks can be caused by worn-down glass where the base screws into the glass or by a faulty O-ring. In either instance, the best course of action is a new tank. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself wasting e-liquid and continuously topping it up. 

Your Coils Aren’t Lasting Long

Let’s face it; many things can see you needing to replace your coil often. You might be a chain vaper, using sweet flavours, or dry-burning your coils. 

Though, if you’re quite careful about coil care and typically get at least a week or longer out of each one, you may start to look at your vape tank. It, too, can cause your coils to fail prematurely. Remember, all components of your tank have to work harmoniously to provide a quality vaping experience. 

Coils Are Getting Hard to Find

Many reputable vape product suppliers offer the latest and greatest in vaping technology. Your vape product and its tank may have been at the cutting edge of vaping tech when you bought it, but perhaps not so much now. 

As new and better technology enters the market, manufacturers phase out older style vapes. As a result, it can be harder and harder to get your hands on parts and accessories for your vape as the stock slowly dries up. 

How to Choose the Best Vape Tank

Once you’ve realised that now is an excellent time to upgrade your vape tank, you then have to decide what one you’re going to buy. 

Fortunately, there are always vape product experts to lend a helping hand in this process. Although, there are a few things you can keep in the back of your mind as you browse through the many different options. 

Consider the size and threading. While most have 510 threading, not all of them do. What’s more, each will have different sized heating chambers, different lengths, diameters, and shapes. 

The power threshold is equally as important to consider. Think about your vape battery before you purchase a new tank. There is always potential for the battery to be too powerful for the tank or not powerful enough

Once again, if you’re having trouble purchasing any vape products, be it a tank or something else, there are plenty of experienced and knowledgeable vape experts out there who will be all too willing to lend a helping hand.


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