Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

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As a rule, most vapers enjoy a pleasant vaping experience. You get the right vape, the right e-liquid, and it’s a match made in heaven! But there are going to be times when that isn’t the case. 

You inhale deeply, and, the next minute, you’ve got a mouth full of what tastes like a burnt newspaper. The taste is that putrid that it can make you feel sick. 

The wick inside your atomiser coil has burned up, and you’re wondering what on earth has happened! You’ve just experienced what is known in the vaping world as a “dry hit,” and you’ll be hoping never to experience it again. 

Let us give you the rundown on why you experienced that dry hit and how you can avoid it in the future. 

You’re Chain Vaping

You will be familiar with the term ‘chain smoking,’ which is when you smoke a cigarette, then light up another as soon as you stub out the first one. Chain vaping is no different. You take one hit after another after another. 

Reasons for chain vaping can vary from one person to the next. Some people do it out of boredom, while others are trying to get that much-needed nicotine hit. Or, you may just like your e-liquid of choice a little too much. 

Chain vaping is one of the leading causes of coils burning out prematurely because you’re not giving your atomiser a chance to soak up more of your e-liquid in between puffs. As a result, the wick dries out, it burns, and then you get a mouthful of what tastes like burnt, old, nasty newspaper. 

The good news is, if that’s why your coil keeps burning out prematurely, then you can fix that. Give yourself a few minutes in between puffing, or invest in a second vape product to alternate. Alternatively, you can invest in a higher strength of nicotine e-liquid, which allows you to get your nicotine fix in fewer vape sessions. 

You’re Not Priming Your Coil

If you don’t consider yourself a chain vaper, then that’s not the only reason why your vape tastes burnt. Another common reason is that you’re not priming your coil before you start vaping. There’s nothing more annoying than replacing a burnt coil, only to find the new ones tastes burnt, too. Is it a faulty coil? In most cases, no. 

New coils often burn out prematurely because you have not primed them first. This means that you have to moisten the coil with e-liquid before you use it. The process is easy. Before you put the new coil in your tank, put a few drops of e-liquid in each of the coil holes. There are small ones around the side and one large one at the top. 

Once you notice that the wick appears to be moist, you can stop. Leave it to rest for an hour or so, then do a few primer puffs without pressing the ignition button to make sure it’s not burnt. 

Your Vape Juice is Running Low

Even though chain vaping is one of the leading causes of taking a dry hit, it’s not the only common reason. Another one is people letting their vape juice get too low in the tank. Not everyone remembers to take their bottle of e-liquid with them everywhere they go, but it can save you a fortune on burnt coils. When you notice that the liquid is lower than the coil input holes, top it up. By doing so, you are stopping the coil from drying out and burning out. 

Your E-Liquid Has a High VG Content

E-liquids contain propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). The ratio of each can depend on your vaping preferences. If your e-liquid has a higher percentage of VG than PG, then there’s every reason to believe it could lead to premature coil failure. 

VG tends to be a lot thicker than PG, which means it has a propensity to be absorbed a lot slower by wicks and atomisers. Not only can this cause your wick to dry out, but it can also clog up the coil and requires a lot more cleaning and maintenance. 

If that is a problem that you have been having, then why not change the type of e-liquid you are using? There are plenty of delicious e-liquids for sale online that are bound to meet the mark.

It’s also worth considering the brand of e-liquid you are buying. The sweeter some e-liquids are, sometimes the more likely they are to impact your coil’s lifespan. Talk to your local vape products expert on the best e-liquids for flavour and coil longevity. 

New Coil, New Vape Style

There is no way to get around coils being burned out. Still, there are ways to make them last longer. Most people will find themselves having to change them at least every few weeks, which tends to be quite normal. 

However, some people tend to only have them last a week, if not less, by making a few simple mistakes. Change your vape style and potentially change your coil less

It’s also worth noting that new coils may differ in the power range. If you are using a regulated mod with a new coil, change the power level (watts) on your device to suit the coil. Happy vaping, everyone!


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