Recycling E-Liquid Bottles

Recycling E-Liquid Bottles

What can I say? I go through A LOT of e-liquid, and I know I'm not the only one.So what do you do with all your e-liquid bottles when you've finally managed to get the last few dregs from the bottom of the bottle?Moving house recently I found my extensive collection of almost finished e-liquid bottles (don't judge me), so I started looking into the best method of recycling these bottles.

It's pretty conclusive, the best method is to rinse out your old e-liquid bottles with warm water, then add a little bit of absorbent material like kitty litter, or sawdust to the bottle to soak up what little e-liquid is left, empty it out and put the freshly e-liquided material in the rubbish.

BUT if like me, there's a bit of old (rank) e-liquid left in the bottle, you'll want to clear that out before adding sawdust. Add some sawdust or kitty litter to a resealable plastic bag and set inside a bowl or something similar to uprightup right, and let your open e-liquid bottle sit upside down in the bag until it's empty.

From there you can recycle your old e-liquid bottles like any other plastic!

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