Why won't my Vape Work?

Why won't my Vape Work?

Time and time again, we find you, our customers, come all the way to the store only to find out that what is wrong with your vape was easily fixed at home!

To save you a trip into town, we've collaborated some of our best tips and tricks to get you vaping ASAP!!

Open up your tank, and grab a paper towel or pair of gloves (no one likes e-liquidy hands), remove the coil and either reinstall it back into place or replace it with a new one. Make sure that your coil is threaded in properly, and don't force it! You can damage the threads on your vapouriser and cause another whole mess of issues for yourself.

If you're installing a new coil, leave it for up to 10 minutes to make sure the cotton is totally saturated with e-liquid, then give it a small puff. Just a little one.

Is it working?? Yes? You're away laughing. No? I've got you. Just keep reading on.

So far, we have checked to make sure your vape is on and charged, and double checked the coil.

Now we're going to give your vape a damn good clean.

If you want to save your eliquid, tip it into an old juice bottle.

Remove your atomiser (tank) from your mod (battery) and set your mod aside.

Remove your coil from the atomiser and put it somewhere safe, start taking your atomiser apart. Depending on which atomiser you have, you should be left with 2-4 parts, the atomiser base, the tank itself or the glass and frame, the drip tip, and if you have a top fill tank maybe even the 510 connector.

Get a hot cup of water, not straight from the jug, burn your taste buds off hot, but similar to the temperature you would drink a cup of coffee at, and dunk all the bits of atomiser in there. Make sure they are completely clean of e-liquid before setting them on a paper towel or teatowel to air dry completely before you reassemble your atomiser.

While your atomiser is drying, grab a paper towel and give the 510 connection in your mod a good clean, try and remove any e-liquid that might have snuck in there.

You might be surprised at how much crap starts to surface.

Reinstall your coil and fill your tank up again. Is It working yet?

We've got one more thing to check out before we send you into the shop!

Now we're going to move onto your mod (battery) and atomiser (tank).

Do you have another vape lying around?

If so, take the atomiser off your vape and screw it onto the other one. Is it working?

If you're getting your puff, there might be something wrong with your battery. If not, something could be off with your atomiser!

If your vape still isn't working, it's time to head back to the shop, or give us a call on

03-974 8136 ext. 1 for customer service.

How'd you get on?

Let me know by emailing into customerservice@vapourium.nz

Take care and happy vaping (hopefully)!!

See you next time!



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