New Year, New You: 7 Ways to Quit Smoking

New Year, New You: 7 Ways to Quit Smoking

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The most popular New Year’s resolutions in New Zealand relate to self-improvement. Some people want to lose weight, become happier, live healthier, or cut back their alcohol intake. However, near the top of the list is quitting smoking. 

There are many reasons why Kiwis are deciding to quit smoking. Health consequences are definitely among the top reasons, but the cost of smoking also has a lot to do with it. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, your habit is setting you back over $200 per week or over $12,000 per year. 

Whatever your reason for quitting, you may be daunted by the prospect of trying to stamp out the habit for good. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Here are just a few of the many methods you may like to try. 


The Ministry of Health recognises vaping as having the potential to help people quit smoking. They also believe vaping may contribute to New Zealand’s Smokefree 2025 goal. As nicotine is the addictive component of cigarettes that keeps people hooked, you may be able to get the nicotine fix you need while not harming your body with dozens of potentially cancer-causing chemicals typically found in cigarettes. 

Vaping is also a much cleaner, more convenient, and more affordable option than smoking. You can purchase starter kits and more advanced kits with a range of e-liquid flavours from reputable vape product stockists in NZ online. 

Even if you’re unsure about how to vape or what it involves, you can talk to experts who understand the journey you’re about to embark on so that you can make fully informed decisions. 

Vape experts can also help you work out the nicotine strength to start on as you’re weaning yourself off cigarettes. Their goal is to help you kick your smoking habit for good while providing you with a wide range of options for doing so. 

Cold Turkey

When you’re unaware of the quit-smoking tools you have at your disposal, or you simply believe you have the willpower not to need anything, you may decide to quit smoking cold turkey. 

As nicotine is thought to be as addictive as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, this will likely be one of the most challenging things you ever do. You may feel irritable, restless, upset, and nauseous, and you might also have problems concentrating, sleeping, and even going to the toilet. 

According to some studies, only up to five percent of people who quit smoking cold turkey stay away from cigarettes for 6-12 months or longer. 

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are transdermal patches that release nicotine into the body through the skin. They provide a controlled dose of nicotine throughout the day, reducing the impact and effects of nicotine withdrawal and possibly improving your chances of not reaching for a cigarette. 

Depending on how much you smoke, many different patch types are available, such as 24-hour or 16-hour patches in various strengths. 

Nicotine Gum and Lozenges

Nicotine gum and lozenges are options recommended by healthcare professionals for anyone who wants to quit smoking. They come in various strengths and are designed to help you manage nicotine cravings. 

Not everyone likes the taste and side effects associated with nicotine gum and lozenges. As a result, many people decide to try vaping as they wean themselves off nicotine altogether. 

Nicotine Mouth Spray

Nicotine mouth spray is generally available with 1mg of nicotine to help people quit smoking. You spray it into your mouth when you have the urge to smoke, and you can use it in combination with nicotine patches. 

While some people see the value in this spray, others believe they still notice smoking withdrawal symptoms while using it. 


Along similar lines to going cold turkey is using distractions to help you quit smoking. When you feel the urge to smoke, do something else until the cravings pass. You might decide to go for a walk, read a book, have a cup of tea, or draw a picture. 

With time, those nicotine cravings can pass, and you may be able to comfortably make it through the day without wanting to purchase a packet of cigarettes on the way home from work. 

Make It a Social Challenge

If your New Year’s resolution was set with friends who also smoke, you could make it a social challenge. Set milestones for each person to reach, and reward yourselves when you achieve X number of days without a cigarette. 

When you quit with someone else, you also have a support network to rely on when times get tough. 

Quit Smoking and Live Healthier Today

Smoking is responsible for a wide range of illnesses such as cancer. With prices also skyrocketing, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to start your journey to becoming an ex-smoker. If you’re not sure how to start, trying any of these quit-smoking options, such as vaping, might be how you say goodbye to cigarettes for good.


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