Is Your Vape Battery Losing Life? Here’s How to Find Out

Is Your Vape Battery Losing Life? Here’s How to Find Out

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It almost seems like everything we own these days has a battery that requires charging. Our mobile phones, music earphones, speakers, and now, there are vape devices

Fortunately, charging any device you own is easy. You simply need to remember to pop it on the charger when you’re not using it. 

Regarding vape products, there are two common battery types you may be familiar with: integrated and interchangeable. An integrated battery is one you can’t remove, whereas an interchangeable one is a cell that you can remove. 

The beauty of an interchangeable battery is that you can replace it with a new one when it reaches the end of its practical working life. However, not everyone knows when that is. Keep reading to learn the most common signs that it’s time to upgrade your vape battery. 

It Doesn’t Last As Long

You’ll likely remember just how amazing your smartphone’s battery life was when you first purchased it. You might have enjoyed over a day of battery life without any problems at all. Just a few short years later, though, you may find yourself charging it throughout the day. 

The same thing can happen with your vape battery. Initially, you may enjoy a long-lasting battery that you can have complete confidence in when you leave home without a charger for extended periods. 

However, you may notice that you’re charging it more frequently over time – even when using it at the same wattage and frequency. This can be one of the most apparent signs that it’s time to change your battery. 

It Gets Hotter Than It Usually Is

If you haven’t changed any power settings or coil resistance, there may be no other reason for an overly hot vape other than the battery is getting past its usable lifespan. For safety reasons, it’s essential to replace your battery as soon as you notice that your vape’s temperature is far beyond what it usually is. 

It’s Leaking Fluid

Vape batteries are made from various lithium-ion compounds. The lithium within the batteries allows them to be reusable and rechargeable over time. 

Battery leaks are rare, but they can happen. Typically, they can be caused by rough use of a vape, such as dropping it often or throwing it. However, continuous overheating can also lead to minor cracks in the batteries’ casing due to rapid heat-related expansion and contraction. 

If you notice vape leakage and have ruled out a leaking tank, replace your vape battery without delay. They contain toxic gases that may be harmful and cause irritation. 

The Battery Is Constantly Low

If you are constantly finding that your battery is low after slightly altering the wattage, it’s clear to see it’s past its prime working life. While adjusting the wattage does consume more battery power, it should not lead to a rapid change in battery life nearly immediately. 

Anyone who is unsure about how to conserve battery life while vaping may also see the value in contacting the vape experts for advice. 

Underwhelming Hits

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well you charge your battery; you may be experiencing underwhelming hits. You might initially blame the coil, your e-liquid, or even your nicotine strength, but the battery may actually be to blame. 

This is because a battery at the end of its working life may struggle to heat the coil. You may even find that the effort to try and heat the coil is causing an even more alarming loss of battery juice. Rather than put up with those weak, underwhelming hits, replace your battery without delay. 

It Doesn’t Charge Properly

If you are using an external charger, you may be used to seeing your battery go up to 4.2 volts. However, an old battery may not be able to achieve this feat. Vape product stores always recommend external chargers for their ability to preserve battery life. However, there will eventually come a time when they will no longer be able to work their magic on a failing battery. 

What To Do With Old Vape Batteries

As tempting as it can be to throw your old lithium-ion batteries into your rubbish bin, it’s not an environmentally friendly option. If they end up in landfills, these batteries can start to leak, contaminating the soil and groundwater. 

When you’ve got a battery to dispose of, look for a hazardous waste collection site near you. These are typically located at council transfer stations and landfill sites. The batteries can then be treated or encased to prevent them from becoming environmental hazards. 

It’s Time To Buy a New Battery

Have you resonated with any of these situations above? While vape batteries can last a long time, they don’t last forever. Now might be the perfect time to start looking at replacement vape batteries online.


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