Guide to Pods

If you have just purchased your first vape or even if you are years into your vaping journey, you can never have enough information.

Here we have a variety of tips and tricks to make your vaping experience as smooth as possible, including this handy Vape Glossary to help you understand what we're talking about.

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Remember, there are no silly questions!

Turning your Pod On/Off

Most Pods operate without a button, these dont need to be turned off. Pods that have buttons can usually be turned off by pressing the fire button rapidly either 3 or 5 times. Each device is different though, If you dont know how it turns on or off, consult your user manual or give us a call. 

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Priming New Replacement Pods

When using a new Pod you need to "prime" it. To prime a Pod, fill the reservoir and let the Pod sit for 5 minutes. Always prime your Pods before using them for the first time, this will saturate the cotton inside the Pod and ensure a consistent puff.  

Replacing Pods

Your replacement Pod has a finite lifespan. This depends on several factors, but generally we would expect a fresh pod to last somewhere in the range of 3 days to 2 weeks. This changes widely from user to user, if you are using your Pod frequently, you should expect less overall life than someone who uses their Pod occasionally. 

Keeping your Pod topped up with eliquid when vaping will improve your replacement Pod lifespan, and ensuring you turn your device off before you put it in a pocket or bag will safeguard you against accidental misfires. 

Its also important to make sure you only store your Pod in clean environments, as things like pocket lint or dust may get inside, and can cause your Pods to taste burnt quicker



To fill a Pod, invert it and remove the silicone plug from the bottom. Fill your eliquid into the reservoir, but dont overfill it as this can cause your Pod to leak.

If you do overfill your Pod, wipe it down with a paper towel or damp rag. 

If you accidentally spill nicotine containing eliquid on your skin, wash it off with cold soapy water. Nicotine can absorb through your skin and make you feel sick, so its also important to wipe down surfaces that have eliquid on them, especially if you have pets or chlidren. 


Charging your Internal Battery

If your device has an internal battery, charge it with the micro USB to USB cable provided. We recommend avoiding charging any vape on a cellphone charger, as some cellphone chargers are designed in a way that my damage your battery. To keep your battery healthy, we would also recommend avoiding charging your battery for long periods of time after it has fully charged. (a USB cable is not a charger, it is just the cable you plug into a wall adapter or regulated device). 

Vaping Troubleshooting


The light flashes when I use my Pod but no vapour comes out

  • Your battery could be flat, or your pod may not be inserted properly. Give your Pod a charge, and make sure the Pod is sitting properly in place. Make sure your Pod is clean and free of excess eliquid or dirt. 

My Pod tastes burnt

  • Lock the button when putting device in pocket or bag
  • Ensure you are priming the coil before use
  • Dont let your tank run dry
  • Tap your pod against your thigh a few times and let it sit, sometimes bubbles get trapped in your cotton.
  • Contact customer service or visit one of our stores for help 

My battery is running out really quickly

  • Try using another USB cable / Power supply
  • Contact customer service or visit one of our stores for help 

If you have any questions or problems call our customer service line on +64 3 974 8136, email us at or pop in to one of our stores and ask a staff member. We are always happy to help.