Pod Kits

Compact And Convenient Pods

Our Pods are ideal for when larger vaporisers may not be appropriate, putting out less vapour for when vaping needs to be more discreet. The Vapourium’s quality range of e-cigs and pod systems can fit perfectly into your pocket and bag, with most of the pods we stock being smaller than a permanent marker.


We recommend using nicotine salt with pod devices for optimal satisfaction. Check out our full range of Nicotine salt here. 


Is a pod kit right for me?

Pod kits are great for people who want to put out less vapour and be more discreet. Get in touch with our friendly team if you’re not sure whether pod kits are for you.

How do pod kits work?

Pod kits are small, compact vape devices that are designed to be lightweight and portable. They can come with pre-filled pods or refillable tanks.

What e-liquids should I use with a pod kit?

We recommend the use of nicotine salts for the best pod kit vaping experience.