What is a “Pod Vape?”

What is a “Pod Vape?”

A Pod vape is a compact vape that uses disposable pods. Generally Pod vapes are small enough to hold between two fingers and are designed to be an “all in one unit” with the battery and pod fitting neatly together. This tends to make Pod vapes fairly durable as there are no external moving parts.

Most Pod vapes are budget friendly, which can be great for people struggling to make ends meet, or who tend to lose or break things.

Pod vapes have disposable tanks called Pods, which have the coil inside so you don't have to make a mess when cleaning and removing coils, just fill another pod and puff away. This gives you the ability to change flavour or nicotine strength quickly by having multiple flavours or strengths in separate Pods. Instead of filling multiple different flavours into the same tank you can separate them out into different pods to keep the flavour pure, or you can have a high nicotine to take to work, then switch it out to a lower strength once you get home.

Generally Pod vapes are designed for mouth to lung use, and when paired with high strength nicotine eliquid or nicotine salt eliquid, emulate the tight draw and throat hit of smoking a cigarette. Nicotine salt is designed for use in Pod Vapes, and provides you with a smooth high strength dose of nicotine perfect for subduing cravings although standard nicotine containing eliquids will work fine as well. For best coil life we recommend using an e liquid with a high PG composition.

Because of their similarities to conventional cigarettes in performance and portability, they are very effective for users looking to vape as an alternative to smoking. They can also be a great tool for people who have been vaping for a while but want to cut down on eliquid consumption. As pod vapes are smaller, produce less vapour and cater to higher strength eliquid, they can also be great for people who don't want to stick out in the smoking area on their lunch break, and blend in with the smokers.

Although most pod systems have smaller battery capacity than your average regulated mod, Pod systems are generally pretty efficient in regard to battery life. Pods tend to have a high resistance, which drains the battery slower than standard subohm tanks. If you are going to be using your Pod Vape regularly while you are away from a charger, it might be a good idea to get a back up so you don't get stuck while you are out and about with no battery. Back ups are always a good idea to have on hand if you vape if you misplace or break your vape, or just run completely out of battery on a long trip away from your charger you always have something to fall back on. Unfortunately most people can't buy replacement vapes at 3am in the morning from their local service station.

All in all, you should consider buying a Pod vape if you are new to vaping and looking for a cheap starter kit, if you are looking for a compact vape for easy carry, or if you think you are currently vaping too much and would like to cut down.


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