What Is The Best Vape For Me?

What Is The Best Vape For Me?

What Is The Best Vape For Me?

Price isn't always an indicator of which is better or worse, some vapes cost more because they are larger or because they have features you won't find on other devices. This blog is for new vapers who aren't sure of their preferences.

Different types of vapes at a vape shop are like different types of coffees at a cafe. Some people want a Latte, some people want an Iced Coffee. Bigger isn't always better, and sometimes you just need to find a vape that is right for you.

There are two styles of vaping ( Mouth to lung - Like a cigarette, or Direct to lung - larger deeper puffs) these are the biggest considerations when choosing a first vape.
Mouth To Lung vapes (or MTL for short) are the most similar to a cigarette. MTL vapes are better for people looking for a first vape to cut down or quit vaping. Most MTL vapes don't produce much vapour, so higher strength nicotine or nicotine salt eliquids are better if you are looking for a nicotine-containing e-liquid. MTL vapes are also great for people who don't want to be seen as a vaper, and are great for people looking for a more discrete vape they can use around smokers without sticking out.
Direct To Lung vapes ( or DTL for short) put out thick, voluminous clouds. They require more battery power to use, but they are very satisfying and flavoursome to use. You don't want to use high strength nicotine e-liquid with DTL vapes, they produce lots of vapour so essentially you will inhale more nicotine. Most DTL users use 3mg-6mg eliquids. DTL vapes are generally also referred to as "sub-ohm", which is a technical term for a low resistance coil. 

There are 3 main categories we use to describe types of vapes, these are just to define what style of device you are looking at. Anything that is called a "Kit" is a vape in a box with all of the accessories you need to get vaping. These accessories are usually a couple of coils, a charging cable and a few other bits to make sure your vape stays in top form while you use it. All vaping kits come with a user manual, but our highly-trained customer service staff are also here if you ever need a hand with anything. Vape Kits don't contain e-liquid, but we always offer discounts on e-liquid when purchased with a kit. 

Pod Kit
If you looking for a smaller device, a pod kit is probably the best for you. Pod kits are small devices that are super user-friendly. You can put all kinds of e-liquid in a pod, but they don't produce much vapour so we recommend using higher strength nicotine e-liquid. Pods are also cost-effective, they don't produce much vapour thus don't use much eliquid when compared to larger tanks. You don't need nicotine in your eliquid, but most users find a nicotine-containing e-liquid to be better for quitting smoking.

Starter Kit
Larger than a pod but still simple and easy to use. People go for a starter kit if they want longer battery life or a bit more vapour.  Starter kits generally have a better range of direct to lung devices, which are best for people who like larger clouds for better flavour. Starter kits have tanks instead of pods which usually hold more e-liquid.

Advanced Kit
Like a starter kit, but with a screen. The screen means that you can adjust your power levels and hone into your preferences. Advanced mods are great to help you to accurately keep track of your battery level and the variable power level means that you can essentially use your mod with any tank. Vape mods ( the base of the vape, with the buttons and the charging port) and tanks are pretty universal, so if you ever want to try a different tank, or even want to build your own coils, an Advanced Kit is the best option for you. Not to mention that many advanced kits have removable 18650 batteries, which have a long life and can be removed so you can keep spare batteries on you while you are on the go.


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