Upgrading Your Vape

Upgrading Your Vape

There are so many options to upgrade your vape, but how do you know what upgrade to choose? 

Pods aren't able to be upgraded, as they are small simple units which need to be kept simple to avoid becoming big and bulky, so this article will focus on the traditional style vapes. 

There are many different vapes on the market and as a general rule its difficult to upgrade a vape that doesn't have a screen. Most Stick style vapes are designed to set the output based on the resistance of the attached coil to avoid burning coils out, while you can swap the tanks to something different, its best to stick with a tank which uses the same resistance coils. Stick style devices vary greatly though, and some units just won't work properly regardless of the coil resistance.

If you have a stick style vape with a removable tank, you can use that on any Regulated Mod we stock.

If you have an advanced kit or a regulated mod already, you have HEAPS of options to choose from. 

First, if you are looking to improve your battery capacity, there are many options to choose from. If you like low resistance/high wattage vaping, its best to stick to batteries like the Vapcell Green, Sony VTC4, Samsung 25R or Samsung 20s, these batteries perform really well with high powered devices. If you prefer Mouth to lung or low wattage vaping, your best bet would be the Samsung 30Q as that has the largest capacity overall. 

The Tank has the most influence on your vaping experience. There are two styles of vaping and once you have found your preferred style you can pick from there. Tanks that run at higher wattages will produce more vapour than low wattage tanks, but the higher wattage you run the quicker you will use your battery. Latest generation tanks tend to use Mesh coils, which give you an amazing flavour boost.

Check the coils that the tank takes and compare them to the coils you already have. 

For the ultimate flavour and vapour experience, and also the most cost-effective vape, you may want to consider getting an RDA. RDAs are drip atomizers you build yourself, and it might sound pretty overwhelming to build your own coils, but you can learn to make your own coils in an afternoon. Essentially to build a coil, all you need is the correct wire and some cotton. This means that if you ever need to replace your coil, you don't need to fork out for a five-pack or wait until you can make it to the vape shop. If you stock up on cotton and wire, it only costs a few cents to build your coil. The best thing about building your own coils is the flavour and amount of vapour, these things cant be easily matched by even the best tanks. Of course, there are many different ways you can build your coils, and it will take a bit of practice to make your RDA perform better than the latest generation tanks, but it's worth it in the long run.

The Mod itself is the second most influential part of your vape, some mods are appealing because they look cool, but there are many different mods to chose from and picking one that fits your needs will make sure you don't run into issues later down the track. If you are looking for better battery life, go for a 2 battery mod. Durability can be a factor for people who are always on the move, if you are prone to broken phone screens and dropping stuff in the pool, go for a Geekvape Aegis mod ( they're water-resistant and shockproof!) 

Of course, sometimes upgrades arent always the way to go, sometimes you want more discrete vapour. In that case, consider a pod. There are many newer pods on the market that offer different styles of vaping and can be more accessible for people with smaller pockets or mobility issues. 

Our staff are well trained and will help guide you if you are unsure of upgrading your vape, so let us know if you have any questions! 





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