The Underrated Bonuses of Vaping

The Underrated Bonuses of Vaping

Hi all, I’m Robbie and I’m happy to welcome you to my first ever blog post.

I want to talk to you about some of the ‘Underrated bonuses of Vaping’. By this, I mean something that’s really good or nice about vaping, but doesn’t seem to be discussed as much as the fact that it is a really fantastic substitute for tobacco.
A lot of smokers will ask themselves; Is vaping bad for me? Well, let me point out that there are quite a few studied and well-discussed benefits of vaping (as an alternative to tobacco smoking), my favourite study to mention here is one published by Public Health England.

While inhaling things other than air into your lungs will never be good for you, vaping is overall, a far healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

A study published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy strongly suggests that vaping reduces the chances of individuals developing airway infections.

That being said, there are far less discussed benefits of Vaping. My first ‘underrated’ pro of vaping is probably the most talked about the topic I will discuss here, and that is the price; vaping tends to be much cheaper than smoking tobacco (and is only becoming more so), saving the user hundreds of dollars a year compared to smoking.

I would expect this price disparity to continue to grow, especially here, with the New Zealand Government increasing taxes on tobacco regularly

For example, if I was to vape a whole 120ml of Cloud Therapy in one week (I’m more likely to vape something like 50mls in 1 week, but we’ll say 120ml for argument's sake), that would cost me $35NZD per week. Factor in one box of coils every two months (we’ll value these at $20, as this is a nice average, with some coils costing as little as $9.90 for a 5 pack)), and we get a weekly cost of $40NZD.

Comparing this to if I was to smoke through a 30-gram pouch of tobacco (valued at $53NZD, price taken from my local dairy) in one week, not even factoring in lighters, papers and filters, we can easily see that vaping is much cheaper than tobacco smoking, in general.

Over the course of 1 year, this could save you more than $600, and this is assuming a high-frequency vaper, buying middling price coils.

Another, even less discussed bonus that comes with vaping is the precise control over your nicotine intake. Out of the 7000+ chemicals found in smoking tobacco, we only really want one: nicotine. With vaping, we cut out the absorption of almost every chemical we used to consume every day down to just consuming nicotine (and in vastly reduced quantities in most cases).

 As a drug on its own, nicotine helps a lot of people deal with everyday stress and anxiety, and has even recently been attributed to reducing the impacts of Parkinson’s symptoms (not that I would suggest that nicotine will be used in this case, just that vaping has opened up the doors to these kinds of studies that previously were somewhat taboo).

 As vapers, we all select our own nicotine strength, something that is intensely personal and provides a lot of drive for some (most vapers will set a goal strength to work their way down to), and a lot of control for those who have figured out their preferred strength(s).

The control doesn’t stop here, however, as some more advanced devices even include a ‘puff counter’, a small part of the display that will record the number of puffs that have been taken since it was reset. This means individuals can easily monitor their intake, helping with budgeting and rationing, not to mention the great feeling of being nicely dosed on nicotine - not too much, not too little.

Everyone is an individual, and we all love to express ourselves where we can. vaping and vapers are no different, and the variety available to vapers is honestly astonishing.

From the previously mentioned nicotine strengths, the huge variety of flavours, the massive array of tanks, mods, RDAs, RDTAs and RTAs, and the purely cosmetic accessories that are a hugely popular means of personalising one’s vape, I would wager that there is almost no smoker who couldn’t find some setup that would work for them, and that they would feel good about using.

Even further than this, some of us like to tailor our experience with different mods, atomisers, flavours and strengths for different situations and settings.

A pretty mechanical mod and a dripping atomiser is a great armchair setup, providing the most amazing flavour and vapour production, but is rather inconvenient for things like driving, due to the constant need to drip, or for errands in the city or at work, because the battery life might not cut it, or the clouds might be too voluminous, so a smaller pod-style vape with a higher concentration of nicotine would be better applied here.

Of course, for a lot of people, they will solely use one or two devices, changing things like air flow, nicotine levels and wattage for their customisation.

How often, as a smoker, were you approached by another smoker down on their luck, asking for a spare ciggie, or a pinch of baccy? There is a sort of camaraderie between smokers, but the vaping community is one of the most welcoming I have ever been a part of.

The ease and pleasure involved in the exchanges I see and participate in with other vapers are almost exclusively positive, with both parties quickly growing excited in their vape talk; flavours, tanks, mods and RDAs are quickly compared and discussed, and common favourites are shared.

Both online and face to face, I witness and am party to inclusive, constructive and friendly conversations with other members of this community.

I frequently witness the generosity in this community as well, with my co-workers going above and beyond in their service to their customers, and many members of the community donating their pre-owned vapes for our ‘vape-it-forward’ box, a resource that allows us to ensure we have the most ability possible to assist customers experiencing issues with their vapes.

I guess that’s what this blog post is about too. It’s about the community, and the people in it. Vaping has had a lot of flak in the past few years, and with things starting to clear up, at least in the social scene, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that we, the community, are my favourite underrated bonus of vaping. All of us have faced addiction, in some form, for some length of time. All of us made a choice. We changed. Why did we change? For our families, our friends, and ourselves. So many have come so far, and I’m so proud of how far this community has come, and what it’s meant and means to so many people.

If you’ve stayed with me to the end, you have my thanks, and I do hope you’ll join me next time.



  • Hi Alfie!
    No, he is not mistaken by staff pricing, we have a number of e-liquids that sit on the more cost effective end of the money spectrum.
    This includes our Cloud Therapy range, which sit at $35.00 for 120mls and our Aotearoa E-juice range that sits at $15.00 for 30mls.

    Maia Waters on
  • All good info Robbie, but it seems like you may be using staff pricing in your calculations. 120mls for $35? That costs us mere mortals $55 which sort of negates a good deal of your argument. However, as an ex-smoker I can testify that vaping costs me less than half the amount I was spending on tobacco, and it’s not gonna kill me. Which is a big bonus. Cheers team!

    Alfie on
  • 4 weeks fag free, love my vape, still learning about the big world of vaping but will never go back to those fags. A wee vape shop in Alexandra would be cool??

    Liz on
  • Hey thanks for all that info Robbie! The links to the studies will be helpful with the naysayers who appear to have been brainwashed by scaremongering media articles. Cheers :-)

    Marilyn on
  • Nice one Robbie, couldn’t agree more, especially the part about the vaping community. Vape NZ are amazing, warm, friendly, supportive people and that makes a huge difference in what is often a life changing and difficult time for people.

    Keep up the good work, Mark.

    Mark on

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