Review of the Renova Zero

Review of the Renova Zero

Pods are all the rage at the moment, and we’re scouring the market to bring our customers the best pod systems the industry has to offer. The Renova Zero is an excellent pod-style device manufactured and designed by Renova.

The last review I wrote was of a similar system, the Mi-Pod from Smoking Vapor. Renova is a new child-company of Vaporesso, a long-standing e-cig manufacturer. Vaporesso created the Renova brand to market all of their future pod systems under, and the Zero is the first in that name.

I haven’t heard much talk about this little system, but I’d say it’s the biggest contender for the ‘best’ pod system.

So, some numbers and stuff for ya:

  • Size - 31*13.5*80.2mm
  • Tank capacity - 2ml
  • Battery capacity - 650mAh
  • Power - 9-12.5W, adjustable
  • Charging current - 1A
  • Material - Zinc Alloy mod, PCTG pod

And what you’ll get in the box:

  • Zero mod 650mAh
  • 2ml PCTG pod
  • E-juice filler bottle (10ml)
  • USB charging cable
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

My first impression upon pulling the Zero out of the box was that it had a really lovely heft to it. It feels like it weighs the right amount for its size, and it feels super sturdy. The zinc alloy shell on the mod has a rubberised texture in the black version I received, which feels great. There’s two thin mirror strips on either side of the device, which are purely cosmetic, but do look rather nice. I believe some of the other finishes have black strips There are a total of 9 finishes available, so you should be able to find a finish you like.

It both looks nicer and doesn’t look as nice as the Mi-Pod. On one hand, it looks smarter, like an apple phone compared to a brick. But the Mi-pod is quite charming in appearance and the Zero could almost be considered boring. Different strokes, obviously, but I think for a lot of people, the solid look and feel of the Zero will win out.

The filling method on this device has been developed by Renova specifically for pod-style devices, and is by far the easiest filling pod on the market. Simply press the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the filling port, opening up the valve, then gently squeeze your bottle. Obviously, juices that come in dripper bottles will need to be decanted to avoid mess, and the Renova comes with a handy 10ml bottle for this reason.

The Zero pods are constructed from PCTG, which is not only recyclable, but is food-grade and resistant to heat and shock.

The pods also contain a porous ceramic wick, in place of the usual cotton wick. Ceramic wicks last longer than cotton wicks, because they’re more heat resistant, and I’ve found that these ones produce quite excellent flavour. I’m also yet to have this device leak, aside from the expected (and extremely minimal) condensation below the pod’s air flow.

These pods are perfect for high-strength nic salts juices, though you can realistically use anything with 40% PG content or higher. I’ve been enjoying 13th Floor Elevapors Iced Lemonade in mine.

The mod is running off a 650mAh battery, which lasts well over a day of use, and charges in under 45 min. The device supports pass-through charging as well, meaning it can be used while charging.

The onboard Omni Board Mini, which was designed specifically for pods, means the device is incredibly consistent, and the board also includes some really awesome features that I don’t think have been present in other pods I’ve seen. I’ll detail the features here:

  • Auto temp control - The board automatically recognises the temperature, and regulates to keep the coil temperature below 250C to avoid dry burning and provide consistent flavour.
  • Preheat - The device fires at a higher wattage at first, to consistently heat the coil to temperature quickly.
  • Low liquid level - The device automatically detects when the tank is too empty to operate, and refuses to fire.
  • Safety protections - Overcharge, short, low res, no load, low voltage, pass-through

  • These combined mean that you can realistically do whatever you want with this device, and it shouldn’t dry hit. It just seems to know.

    This is one of the most well thought-out and detailed devices I’ve ever seen. That being said, this little system is super friendly to use, especially if you used any basic device before. Simply fill the pod using its easy fill method, wait a couple of minutes, then pop the pod in the mod and toot away. If it’s turned off, you’ll have to turn it on.

    The device has 3 selectable wattages, which you can cycle through by pressing the single button 3 times quickly. The current wattage level is displayed by the LED behind the button if you simply hold it down. Green for 12.5W, blue for 10.5W, and red for 9W. The device can also be powered on or off by pressing the button 5 times.

    At all three power levels, the device makes a lovely cool vapour, and the highest level is quite cloudy. Very impressed with what this device can output.

    The button (and 3-colour backlight) is perfectly placed for easy use and viewing, even while vaping, which is really useful, as the charge is displayed by the colour of the LED while the device is firing. Green is close to full, blue is in the middle, and red is about to go flat. If y’all recall, the only real complaint I had with the Mi-pod was that the light was hard to see while dragging on the device, so I really like this for that reason.

    The pod is held in by a couple of decently powerful magnets, strong enough that the pod will stay in if you pick it up and shake it by the pod, but it’s still easy to remove when you want to. It will still fly out if you drop it though.

    In conclusion, this has got to be one of the most enjoyable vapes I’ve ever used. The build quality is excellent, and I’ve not had a single unpleasant experience with it. Ease of use and looks are excellent, and now I just can’t find a reason to use anything else.


    • Love love mine I just got it this am so far I cant think of anything bad about it! Cost 24.99 2 pods 6.99 I had a much bigger system but I keep coming back to the pod what I started on! So far 5*

      Tray on
    • I am brand new to vamping after 40 yrs of smoking and have been lucky to come across this Zero model vape ! It feels nice and chunky for a small tool and with 40 mg nicotine juice it delivers a smooth hit of satisfaction!A little bit of heat when drawing on it but with being able to adjust wattage it is easily changed to cool it down!Very good first impression that’s for sure.Itll make giving up smokes a lot easier!

      KIrk Lovell on
    • I just recieved mine.. it was a friend of mine. She used it for awhile before she gave it to me.. it hasn’t had a change on it for awhile she told me. its charging now. It didn’t light up at first. When I plugged it up. It had some oil in where the pod sets. So I cleaned it up inside of the charger body. I cleaned it up. I have had two so far and both had got the oil inside of the body and didn’t work right after that. Even after I cleaned them up. It worked when it wanted to. I am hoping it will work better than the others. I hope so!
      Only time will tell.

      Samuel Horowitz on
    • I was a three pack a day smoker, and this one original pod lasted for two weeks . Maybe I was lucky but I’m sure going to try another pod.

      THanash on
    • How long does the pod last until I’d need to change it? Thinking of buying one

      Jackie on

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