Review of the Dotmod Dot AIO

Review of the Dotmod Dot AIO

You Can Paint A Vape Gold But It Will Never Compare To A DotMod...

High up on my list of vapes I wanted to own, the Dotmod DotAIO. I've been in love with the Dotmod brand since my first mech mod purchase at Vapourium back in 2015, where I bought the Petri Light with matching RDA. 

Dotmod has a penchant for making some of the most visually appealing vape hardware, from their beautiful logo with the symmetrical golden geometric design to the anodized finishes on the mods everything looks and feels premium. 

Dotmods hardware used to boast the 24K gold plated elements on many of their mods back in 2015, which I was stoked to see still feature on the DotAIO's buttons, drip tip and contacts. The anodized finishes are striking bold colours in metallic matte.

One of the best things about the Dotmod DotAIO is the feel in your hand. Its tough to do justice in writing but the mod feels really sturdy, and internally there are no obvious seams or gaps between the casing. The DotAIO is made from aluminium and feels like a quality alloy due to the hardness of the metal. The doors attach to the mod with a satisfying "thunk" and are held tight by the neodymium magnets. 

Dotmod has even gone to the effort of milling out the insides of each panel to allow for better airflow from the pod on one door, and milling a satisfying groove on the other side for the battery to sit tightly in place, the attention to detail is amazing. Where other brands might use a rubber buffer or just widen the mod by 1mm to compensate for gaps, Dotmods precision engineering subtly ties everything together to ensure there are no flaws in functionality or design. 

There is no reason to complicate the device with a screen, its a pod, but the adjustable power levels and dry burn protection are all accessible with one control button hidden under the panel. The fire button has an LED indicator that is multicoloured and lights up in 4 sections, keeping the controls simple yet effective. No need to squint at a tiny screen to view your battery level, the indicator changes colour and gives you ample warning before the battery dies. 

The dry burn protection works really well on the 0.7 and 0.3ohm coils, personally I had a bit of trouble getting the 1.6ohm coil to work well, but it may have just been a bad coil. I had an empty pod with the 0.3ohm coil and took a big hit, the indicator flashed purple and didn't fire. There are so many other mods where I have tried temperature control and it hasn't worked at all, so I was actually a little surprised to have a mod where temperature control actually functions as it should. All of the coils are SS316L, making it one of very few brands to release standard coils that are both TC and wattage mode compatible across all varieties. 

As far as flavour is concerned, Im a MTL vaper, and this unit really delivers. I usually vape at around 20mg, with a high PG ratio, and this is perfect for the 0.7ohm coils. The Dotmod DotAIO comes with two driptips, one wide 24k gold one, and one more restricted Ultem one. The Ultem driptip is one of the most restricted I've ever seen but works so well. The driptips are 510 standard, so the DotAIO will work with almost any other drip tip taking the anxiety of losing it away. (In saying that, id be super guttered if I lost the gold one because it's so fancy!) 

There are few brands as iconic as Dotmod. The bold colours and tidy golden trims are recognisable from a distance, where other brands will try and outdo the others by adding gimmicks like flashing LEDs and metallic looking coated plastics imitating supercars or scifi weapons, Dotmod keep it minimal and focus on making their mods functional, practical and dependable. 

While I love my Aegis Boost, Renova Zero and Mi-Pod, nothing comes close to the Dotmod. I've grown attached to my vapes over the years, they are always with me and have helped me kick my smoking addiction to the curb. Vapes are like shoes for me, I only really need one pair but sometimes it's nice to have a few pairs for fancy occasions. The DotAIO is the pair of shoes you can wear to a wedding, or the supermarket, comfortable and classy without being pretentious and yelling "MONEY" at passers-by.

Back when I was a smoker I always used a Zippo to light my smokes, and even if a Bic is reliable they don't have that satisfying clunk and flick like a Zippo, the smooth curves and the flawless design. Id use that as a good analogy for the Dotmod DotAIO. 



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