Pod Maintenence

Pod Maintenence


How To Keep Your Pod Tip Top!

Pods can be temperamental sometimes, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your pod stays in ship shape at all times. 

  • Pods can leak if exposed to high-temperature environments, don't store your pod or replacement pods in a hot place like in direct sunlight or hot cars. 
  • Between refills or new pods, remove any excess e-liquid inside the pod device. Eliquid can condensate in the device and over time this can clog up the airpath in the device, or make its way down the device into the electronics. Clean the e-liquid up using a paper towel. 
  • If your USB cable isn't going into the charging port, make sure the cable is up the right way. If your cable is up the right way check the USB port for any obstructions. If this doesn't work, try using another USB cable. Forcing a USB cable into a charging port will most likely make your problem worse if it doesn't fit into the port contact us to see if we can either return or repair the device. 
  • Don't leave your pod on the charger for long periods of time and try and charge your battery to full before unplugging it. If you interrupt your charging cycle and don't let the battery get to full, this may damage the battery over time. If you leave your vape on charge for a long period of time, this can also damage the battery. 
  • Make sure your hand doesn't cover any airflow holes. There will be some airflow holes somewhere around the base of your replacement pod. These are usually quite small, and some devices are designed in a way where your hand may obstruct these holes while vaping. If you find your coils are burning out quickly or your draw more restricted on some puffs, your hand might be obstructing these airflow holes. 
  • Check your e-liquid levels REGULARLY. If you take a "dry hit" you can damage your coil and your vape can taste burnt. If you check your pod to always make sure you have a little eliquid your coil will last much longer. 








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