How to reduce your nicotine

Why would I reduce my nicotine?

Vapourium has always held smoking cessation as a core part of why we exist in the first place. Since our inception in 2014 we've learned a lot about using vaping to quit smoking, from which devices are the best for a new vaper, to what nicotine strength is necessary to kick the cravings.

Part of this means starting on a relatively high nicotine strength, something that's made a lot easier with the advent of nicotine salts. You might have started vaping on 12mg nicotine freebase (the standard nicotine used until about 3 years ago), or if you quit more recently 30mg+ of nicotine salts isn't uncommon. For freebase or salts these levels are at the higher end and while both will still be healthier than smoking, and would be ok to stay on provided you aren't experiencing any adverse reactions (in which case see your doctor immediately), however a lot of people are looking to quit smoking so they can start to transition off vaping.

Reducing your nicotine intake will increase the taste of your eliquid, it will feel smoother, and it will lessen any heady feelings you might get. It will also gradually lessen your dependancy on vaping, a great step towards vaping cessation if that is your goal.

How do I reduce my nicotine?

There are a number of methods that will help reduce your nicotine intake;
- getting a higher resistance coil for your device
- swapping from a subohm "direct to lung" tank to a "mouth to lung" tank
- getting a lower strength eliquid

Getting a higher resistance coil

Many of the devices we sell have multiple coil options. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the resistance the less vapour produced, the less vapour the less nicotine. Changing from a 0.5ohm coil to a 0.8ohm variant will reduce your vapour and nicotine intake.

Swapping from a subohm "direct to lung" tank to a "mouth to lung" tank

This follow on from getting a higher resistance coil. Many of the devices with coils in the 0.15-0.8ohm ratings are what we call "direct to lung". These are designed to produce huge clouds, but with huge clouds comes a lot of vapour, and with a lot of vapour comes a lot of nicotine. Switching to a "mouth to lung" tank will reduce the amount of vapour.

Getting a lower strength eliquid

This is probably the easiest way to reduce your nicotine consumption. You get to keep the same device, the same coils, and in many cases the same flavour. When you're buying from our website have a look and see if there is a lower strength in your preferred eliquid, or if you visit our stores ask our highly trained counter staff for some advice on what to step down to.

If you find the lower strength isn't quite cutting it, you can slowly reduce the nicotine volume by mixing your previous strength into the lowered one. If you are vaping 24mg nic salts and bought some 12mg nic salts, you can mix them 50/50 to achieve 18mg. A handy guide is measure calculate the ratio each strength has in the total, times that ratios by each respective nicotine strength and add them together.

For example, I have a 120ml bottle, I add 90mls of 24mg eliquid, and 30mls of 12mg eliquid. (90ml/120ml=0.75, 30ml/120ml=0.25), (0.75x24mg=18mg, 0.25x12mg=3mg), 18mg+3mg=21mg, so the entire 120ml would be 21mg of nic salts. By changing the ratio of the 12mg you'll gradually lower your strength.


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