How Do I Stop My Tank From Leaking???

How Do I Stop My Tank From Leaking???

How Do I Stop My Vape From Leaking???

Have you ever gone to grab your vape and got sticky eliquid all over your hands? 

It happens to the best of us and sometimes even with a new coil, your vape will leak. 


There are different degrees of leaking, and sometimes they are unable to be fixed but there are a few things you can do to prevent it from becoming a problem. 

Every vape will leak a little at some point. As the warm vapour touches cooler parts of the tank, it condenses. Over time the condensation will build up and droplets will form inside the chimney of your tank. These droplets will end up back on your coil and may cause your vape to "spit" back at you. In smaller devices, this may make it hard to inhale through and feel restricted and clogged. 

An easy way to remedy this is to blow hard down your vape while you fire it (if you are using a pod, remove the e-liquid reservoir from the device before blowing into the mouthpiece), this will force excess e-liquid out of the airflow holes at the base of the tank. 

This is a fairly usual thing to happen, but if you need to do this before every use, that's an indicator that something else may be causing the problem. 


The most common thing that causes a tank to leak is that the coil is not screwed into the base of your tank/ vape tight enough. When your vape heats up, the metal expands a little bit and cause your coil to become loose over time. 

To prevent this, wipe the threaded parts (like a nut and bolt) clean with a paper towel, this will help keep the parts of your tank together and prevent leaking over time. Screw your coil into the base of your tank/vape first, and screw it in thumb tight ( as hard as you can with your fingers). 

If your coil feels gritty or difficult to screw in, don't force it as this may cause permanent damage to the threaded parts of your tank. 

Coils are designed to be changed by hand, and using tools or unnecessary force to screw them in will likely result in damage over time. 


Leaking can also happen if your o-rings are damaged or old. 

All coils will have silicone or rubber rings around the parts in the tank that join together. This helps seal any tiny gaps and stop them from leaking over time. 

If any leaks are coming from the glass, top of the tank or airflow, check that your coils o-rings are sitting in the right place, the o-rings around the glass are not damaged and the rubber/silicone parts of the tank are all in good condition. 

O-rings and silicone parts vary between different tanks and coils. If you have any doubts about your o-rings its best to take your vape into your nearest vape store to be assessed by a professional. 


Occasionally you may receive a bad coil fresh out the box. Vape coils and replacement pods are manufactured hundreds of thousands at a time, and as they are really small, occasionally there can be issues with manufacturing. 

Vapourium won't sell substandard brands, but even the best brands in the vape industry are prone to manufacturing defects. If your coil looks abnormal or leaks heavily, it may be defective. Vapourium is happy to replace faulty coils purchased from us at no cost if we find them to be defective. 


If you have used the same coil for a really long time, burnt your coil or left a tank filled for a long time without using, it this can also cause it to leak. Coils have cotton inside them to soak up the e-liquid and deliver it to the coil like a sponge. If the cotton is fully saturated for a long period, this can cause leaks. This is easily remedied by firing your vape and blowing down it (if you are using a pod, remove the e-liquid reservoir from the device before blowing into it).


Another thing that may cause leaking is using the wrong type of eliquid. If you have a subohm tank, you should look for an e-liquid with high VG. Eliquids are made using VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). PG is great for carrying flavour but it is thinner than VG which is a neutral base. Subohm tanks have larger coils, which wick faster, and are better suited to VG heavy eliquids. 

We recommend max VG eliquids like the Cloud Therapy or Vapourium Core Range Eliquids as the best eliquid in Subohm tanks, but anything that is 60/40 VG/PG or higher should be fine. 


Hot weather can also cause a tank to leak. Eliquid has similar properties to cooking oil under temperature. As cooking oil heats up in a hot frying pan it becomes runnier, and if you leave your vape in a hot car or in the sun the e-liquid will become runnier too. Try and avoid leaving your vape in full sunlight or in hot places, as this can cause leaking. We always see more leaky tanks coming through customer service in summer.

If you have tried all of these things and your tank still leaks, we can help over the phone but to properly determine the cause of the fault it's best if we examine your vape in person. If nessicary we may need you to send your vape to us to have a look at, alternatively pop into one of our vape stores to speak to a professional in person. 

If you have problems with a leaky tank, pop in and see us, or contact our customer service team. 








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