Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes

So we have seen a few "disposable" vapes on the market recently.

We are pretty horrified by this for a number of reasons. 

There is no such thing as a disposable battery, batteries are full of nasty chemicals that arent safe to be discarded into your usual landfill. Over time, these batteries will leak toxins into the soil / groundwater and contaminate the surrounding area. This will damage plants and wildlife in the area. 

Batteries also should not be discarded with you usual domestic waste, as batteries can catch fire if they are damaged. If you throw a disposable vape into a regular rubbish bin this will end up in the back of a rubbish truck, which compacts the rubbish, this compactor will likely rupture the battery and can start a fire. 

A charging circuit only costs about $1 to manufacture and isn't difficult to integrate into a circuit. Disposable vapes are a deplorable money grab because for an extra dollar the battery inside it could be replaceable. 

You could buy a disposable vape for around $10, once the battery or eliquid runs out, you need to buy another disposable vape.

A Stratus kit only costs $24.90, you get 3 different pods in the box and its rechargeable. There are similar pods like the Innokin IO for around the same price. These devices can last for years if treated with care. 

If you are a responsible consumer who cares about the ecology, avoid "disposable" vapes at all cost. Not only do they cost more than buying a rechargeable pod over time, but they also have a massive ecological impact.


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