Debunking Wet Lung

Debunking Wet Lung


No. Really, no.

Is this going to happen every time someone has some underlying medical condition exacerbated by vaping?

‘Wet lung’, or pneumonia, as it is known by literally everyone except anti-vape activists, is a condition of the lungs - an inflammation of the alveoli.

The case in question was definitely serious, and I am not trying to say otherwise, but rest assured, we’re not going to start dropping left, right, and center.

Regarding the case that sparked this ‘Wet lung’ debate, - this one case, that is - a young woman in America ended up being admitted to hospital with acute respiratory failure, and needed respiratory support until her lungs could be drained of fluid. Her recovery took around a week.

As with many of these cases, however, the devil is in the details. The young woman in question had suffered from asthma, and has since been diagnosed with ‘hypersensitivity pneumonitis’, a condition which can be triggered by any number of small particles irritating the lungs, the least of which is merely dust, which might give you an idea of how relevant this is.

So how likely is this to happen to one of us?

It’s not that likely to happen to one of us. If it was likely to happen, we would have seen at least some domestic cases. And if you had this condition, and you vape, you would be brutally aware of that fact already.

I strongly feel that we would be seeing many more cases like this if everyone who vaped still smoked cigarettes.

Once again, this hysteria can be boiled down to media sensationalism. ‘Wet lung’ is a term that no medical professional uses regularly. The term was simply selected by the media because ‘hypersensitivity pneumonitis’, though medically accurate, is not quite so attention grabbing.

Despite our certainty, we would like to stress that we are not medical professionals, and this article is not medical advice. If you are genuinely concerned about this condition, and you are vaping, or want to switch to vaping, see your GP.



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