Chain Vaping and How to Make Sure Your Device is Suitable for it

Chain Vaping and How to Make Sure Your Device is Suitable for it

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Many people who transition from smoking cigarettes to vape products in New Zealand can find themselves unable to put their vape down. It becomes an extension of their arm and can lead to a habit known as chain vaping. 

While chain vaping is possibly not an ideal habit to get into, it can be one that makes that transition from harmful cigarettes a whole lot smoother. So, we’d at least like to offer some advice on how to make sure your vaping products are up to the job. 

Change Your Tank

If you have a vape product with replaceable tanks of various sizes, you may find you are well set up for chain vaping. The smaller your tank is, the more often you can find yourself refiling it with your E-liquid of choice. 

Even starter kit vape pens that come with regular-sized tanks can have larger replacement glass tanks fitted. If you can’t find larger tanks for your particular model, it might be time to upgrade your device. 

Focus on Wattage

Say watt? That’s right, your device’s wattage can play a huge role in its suitability for chain vaping. High-wattage vape products can cause your e-liquid to vaporise far quicker than your coil’s wick can absorb it. As a result, you may notice that you’re experiencing a lot of dry hits. Low wattage devices can be more suitable for chain-vaping. 

Choose the Right Coil

All vape products contain a coil, a tank component designed to heat your e-liquid and produce vapour. It can do this job just nicely, but it can be put under a lot of pressure to perform when you’re chain vaping. 

By continuing vaping, your coil is heating up for long periods. This can cause many coils to burn out and leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. What’s more, replacing burnt coils can be a frustrating task, not to mention a costly one if you’re going through them far quicker than you should

Fortunately, some coils are up to the task of managing your chain vaping habits. Look out for high-performance coils that suit your vape product. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, talk to a friendly vape shop worker in NZ. 

Saturate Your Coil’s Wick

Once you notice that burnt flavour in your mouth, you may decide to replace your coil. After doing so, do you notice a burnt taste and smell almost immediately? That shouldn’t happen, but it can if you forget to prime your coil. Saturate the wick before you take your first hit. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the coil you only just installed. 

Look at Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDAs)

Experienced vapers who haven’t had much luck with starter kits due to chain vaping may see the value in RDAs. These are rebuildable devices that, while finicky, can provide a desirable vaping experience for chain vapers. 

They work by dripping the e-juice into the wick manually to allow faster absorption and more frequent hits. Most parts of these products are rebuildable – including the coils. You will surely find that high-quality vape products stores in NZ have all the parts you need to dabble in RDAs. 

How to Stop Chain Vaping

It goes without saying that chain vaping is a healthier alternative to chain-smoking. In saying that, not everyone wants to be tied to their vape product all day and spending a lot of money on e-liquids and coils. 

If you want to stop chain vaping, there are a few things you can do. You may even decide at some point that you’d like to stop vaping altogether – and that’s okay. 

Set a Routine

We have had a lot of freedom with where we have been allowed to vape. Even though rules have changed, the habit of vaping anywhere at any time can already be deeply entrenched. However, you can undo that habit. 

Start a new routine that involves vaping for a set number of minutes at set times of the day. It may be hard at first, but it can reduce your reliance on it. 

Don’t Take it With You Everywhere

Raise your hand if you don’t leave the house without your keys, wallet, phone and… vape. You might vape in the car on the way to work, at work, on your breaks, then when you go shopping, hang with friends, and watch TV. 

The next time you meet a friend for coffee, leave your vape at home. Or, if you’re just shooting into town to grab a few things, purposely leave it behind. These small changes may make a world of difference to your vaping habit. 

Increase the Nicotine Level

Some people chain vape because they are not getting enough nicotine to satisfy their habit. Consider swapping to nicotine salts or increasing your freebase nicotine level. You can then slowly decrease your nicotine mg over time. 

From Chain Vaper to Vaper

Chain vaping is not the worst habit you can have, but it may be one you want to change. Consider changing your device or its parts, and put yourself in situations that limit how often you can vape. Your chain vaping habit may then be a thing of the past.


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