Benefits of Buying Your Vape Supplies Online

Benefits of Buying Your Vape Supplies Online

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If you haven’t already noticed, buying products and services online is quite common practice – here in New Zealand and throughout the world. For a number of years now, you have been able to buy your favourite vape supplies online in NZ without having to step foot in a bricks-and-mortar shop. 

COVID-19 certainly accelerated businesses moving into the online realm. Still, not every customer is yet convinced that buying vape products online is all that convenient. 

If you’re on the fence, here are some of the many reasons why thousands of New Zealanders are choosing to shop online for vape pens, e-liquids, accessories, and more. 

Shipping is Fast

Even the slowest shipping services in New Zealand are still fast. When you’re not able to get to a vape store in NZ or simply aren’t in a hurry to receive your regular e-liquid or new coils, having it delivered by a New Zealand freight service can be a desirable option. 

Many of the best online stockists of vape hardware and e-liquids pride themselves on fast shipping. For example, Vapourium aims for overnight delivery to main centres and just a few extra business days for rural delivery.   

You Save Money

Even though you have to pay for shipping to buy your vape supplies online, you can end up saving money. Think about how often you’ve ventured into town, and the trip took far longer than you had hoped. 

You might have struck bad traffic, which is not uncommon in cities like Auckland, or you might have struggled to find a parking space near your favourite vape shop. Before long, you’ve wasted time and fuel when you could have just placed a quick order on your phone or computer from the comfort of your home.   

You Have More Time to Ponder Your Options

Choosing a new pod kit, tank, or e-liquid flavour can take a lot of time. While shop assistants love offering their recommendations, you can often feel like you need more time to browse, ponder, and think. 

Shopping online offers you all the time in the world. While you can’t, of course, try new flavours over the internet before you buy them, you can at least compare different products for as long as you want online. You have time to scroll through features, do your homework, and even read descriptions about certain e-liquid flavours. 

Even if you have a question you can’t find the answer for, most vape product websites have contact information so that you can send through an inquiry

You Can Receive Email Specials

If it wasn’t beneficial enough that you can browse options from the comfort of your home, you also get to check out the current specials from your chosen vape store. Once you sign up to receive emails, you can be sent newsletters on the latest and greatest products, specials, and more. 

Even if you like to stick with what you know and love, being kept up to date on what’s happening in the vaping industry may help you to explore other options, as well. 

The Shopping Process is Easy

Sure, it’s easy enough to walk into a vape shop, choose a product you like, and pay for it, but the online shopping process is just as easy. All you have to do is add the products you want to your shopping cart, add your address, pay, and wait for it to turn up in the mail. 

Once you create a login, you can often gain access to your past orders. Can’t remember what flavour you ordered last time? Easy, check out your account details to view all your orders and what was in each of them. 

Get Discounts

Every now and again, vape shops online in NZ start selling off the last of a line of products. To do this faster, they often have a clearance section where you can grab a bargain. You may be able to save yourself a lot of money – and even more when you don’t have to leave your home to visit a vape shop. 

Real Customer Reviews

When you visit any shop in person, your only experience with that shop is your own experience. You don’t know what to look out for, and you don’t know which products are the most popular unless you ask. 

Many online vape retailers have a reviews section. Whenever you click on a product you like the look of, you can read real customer reviews about what people thought of it. This can be enough to help you make up your mind on whatever product you are looking at. 

Is It Time to Shop For Vape Supplies Online?

While you don’t have to say goodbye to bricks-and-mortar vape shops for good, it’s nice to have options. If you ever run out of time to visit a shop or want a bit more time to see what’s available, shopping online could be the answer. 

Why not check out what vape products you can buy online? The convenience and benefits of this option may just surprise you.


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