8 Signs You Might Be Ready to Quit Smoking

8 Signs You Might Be Ready to Quit Smoking

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8 Signs You Might Be Ready to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking might be one of the hardest decisions you might ever make. In fact, some researchers have suggested that quitting smoking might be more challenging than stopping the use of some illegal substances. 

However, many people reach a point when they know they’re ready to kick the habit for good. If you relate to any of these signs below, you might be well on your way to stamping out your last cigarette. 

You Tried a Vape – and Liked It

Many people transition to the smoke-free lifestyle by vaping. Not everyone wants to invest in new vape products immediately out of fear they might not like them, so they try a friend or family member’s instead. 

If you’ve been curious enough to try a vape product, such as a pod kit, and enjoyed the experience, you might be ready to quit smoking. Many people find it much easier to transition to being smoke-free by swapping cigarettes for puffs on their vape. Eventually, they’re able to stop buying cigarettes altogether. 

You Have Spoken to Your Doctor

Most medical professionals provide their patients with helpful advice about smoking. They might talk about the risks and the available smoking cessation tools. If you’ve had a discussion with a medical professional that has you even considering the possibility of quitting smoking, you might be making more progress towards becoming smoke-free than you ever have before. 

You’ve Connected With a Quit Coach

Many Kiwis quit smoking cold turkey, but it’s not an option for everyone. After all, quitting smoking is hard, and everyone’s willpower and abilities are different. 

However, when you know you’re not strong enough to quit on your own, you might decide to connect with a Quit Coach through QuitStrong. Quit Coaches provide information about nicotine replacement therapy, medications, how vaping can help people who are quitting, and tips for managing cravings and coping with stress. 

You Have a Strong Support Network

Quitting smoking on your own can be hard work. There’s no one to help distract you from the cravings or encourage you to keep going when you feel like reaching for a cigarette. 

However, if you have friends and whanau who are on the same path as you or have gone through it themselves, you might be in a much stronger position to quit smoking than you think. Any time the going gets tough, you can make a quick phone call or send a text to have near-immediate support. 

Your Health is Suffering

Health implications can be a strong motivator for giving up smoking. Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and a range of other health conditions. It can also impact your immune system and even your oral health. 

When you are diagnosed with a smoking-related illness or you generally feel unwell due to smoking, you might know that now is the right time to kick the habit for good. 

You’re An Experienced Quitter

According to studies, it can take as many as 11 attempts to kick smoking for good, and most practitioners see patients quit smoking at least seven times before they’re able to make it stick. 

If you’re an experienced quitter, it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to go the extra mile and finally become a non-smoker for good. Sometimes, the difference between this time and others might be that you rely on smoking cessation tools like vaping, patches, lozenges, and gum. 

You Have a List of Good Reasons to Quit

It can be easy to find excuses not to quit smoking, such as being able to afford it and still enjoying it. However, there might come a time when you come up with even more reasons to quit. 

You might be saving for a new house or car, or you want to improve your health for the sake of your family. When you write a list of pros and cons and see that the pros of quitting outweigh the cons, there’s value in exploring the quitting idea further. 

You Feel Uncomfortable Smoking

Smoking used to be socially acceptable, but it’s less so now. You generally can’t smoke in most public places, and it’s off-limits in bars and restaurants. You might even encounter people frowning in your direction as you walk down your local street smoking a cigarette. 

While you might still enjoy smoking, the discomfort associated with doing so in public might make you question whether now is the right time to give up. 

Is Now the Right Time to Be Smoke-free?

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, family, and wallet, but you have to be ready. If you relate to any of these signs below, such as vaping, cessation tools, and having a support network, now might be the right time to begin your quit-smoking journey in earnest.


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