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Wismec Myjet Express Ecig Kit


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Compact e-cig with easy fill pods

The Wismec Myjet Express makes topping up your e-juice a breeze with it's simple pod system!

The Myjet could easily be mistaken for a permanent marker with it's compact and innovative design. The Myjet does away with traditional e-liquid tanks and replaces it with it's unique easy-to-change pod system. Simply load up the pods with your chosen e-juice and swap them out when they run low, or if you just want to change your flavour or nicotine strength.

Button-less vaping

The Myjet doesn't have a button instead vaping starts when you draw through the mouth piece, making this ecig great for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Kit contains

1 x Wismec Myjet Express Ecig
2 x Myjet E-liquid pods
1 x Magnetic USB Charging Cable
1 x 10ml Eliquid from The Buyers Club (simply visit to view the available eliquid and put a note on your order to let us know what flavour you want. Buyers Club Membership may be needed for some options, simply sign up to view the options.)

Ecig extras

Buy extra pods so you don't get caught hanging for a vape right HERE