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Vaporshark DNA200


The long awaited DNA200 from Vaporshark is everything you've been looking for in a regulated mod. Sleek, pocket friendly, powerful and completely customizable. Unlike the DNA and rDNA, the DNA 200 is made out of 6061 aluminum, making it lighter than it's predecessors. The finish starts with a black anodization process, followed by black paint and then a light rubberized coating completes the process. Truly one of the most durable mods produced to date. 

The Vaporshark DNA200 has onboard 2 amp zip charging. The DNA 200 is powered by a 3 cell 10 Watt hour lipo pack. The DNA200 chip allows use of Escribe. Escribe is a controlling interface software capable of over 93 customizable options allowing you to customise the perfect vape for you. 

Get your hands on the future of regulated mods today!

  • 89.10mm x 48.10mm x 23.90mm
  • CNC aluminium construction
  • Zip high speed charging (90 minute charge time)
  • 10 Watt hour, 3S lipo battery
  • User serviceable battery bay
  • Gold plated, spring loaded center pin
  • Illuminated fire button
  • Large screen OLED display
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • 900mah Lipo battery