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Dotmod Petri V2


What is there to say about the Dotmod Petri RDA? It's one of our all time favourite RDAs with an amazing balance of airflow and flavour. It's easy to build on and has huge post holes allowing you to easily fit techier builds in. With it's hard anodised finish and minimal styling you'd be hard pressed to find a better looking RDA than the Dotmod Petri. 

  • 24k gold plated posts and 510 connector
  • Peak insulated juice well
  • Deep juice well
  • Fixed airflow gives you maxium buildroom
  • Hard anoidzed finish is resisatnt to scratching
  • Iconic Dotmod logo on the barrel

There's a number of accessories available to personalise or change the performance of your Dotmod Petri RDA. The Dotcap replaces the top with a wide bore chuff cap and the Cloud Cap doubles the airflow into the RDA.